Total Media Blackout After Top Expert Reveals Covid-19 Vaccines Have Killed Over 200,000 Americans

Steve Kirsch was invited by the FDA to provide analysis of Pfizer's booster shot. Why are his explosive findings being ignored?

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You need to stop whatever you're doing and watch the below video presentation by highly respected Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who after carefully unpacking the available data has determined that more than 200,000 Americans have been killed by "safe and effective" Covid-19 vaccines. 

We fully understand that people are suffering from "expert fatigue" -- but this guy is the real deal. He's fully vaccinated and as "mainstream" as they come. He started researching vaccine safety after people contacted him about suspected deaths linked to the shots (reports that he later confirmed; he also says that he has close friends who suffered extreme adverse reactions to the vaccines).

It's a long presentation but Kirsch is extremely articulate, level-headed, and thorough with his analysis. His thought process and reasoning are easy to follow and his conclusions can even be verified by anyone with doubts about his claims (as he explains in the video):

Watch the video on Rumble.

For those who want an extremely condensed version of his argument, he gave a 3-minute presentation to the FDA when it was mulling approval for Pfizer's booster shot, in which he showed that the vaccine was killing more people than it was "saving" from Covid-19. 

You can read the slides from his presentation here.

Kirsch has offered a cash reward to any reputable expert who is able to refute his claims. Tellingly, no one has taken him up on the offer. 

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The evidence is truly shocking. Why the media blackout?

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