Top Russian Bishop Blasts 'Evil, Sinful' Vax Pass, Calls for Active Resistance

Bishop Profiry, the abbott of the Solovetsky monastery, has emerged an outspoken voice in the Russian church against the vaccines, and vax passports, which in Russia are referred to as "QR codes."

Last week, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian church, made a lengthy public statement stating the church's position that vaccination has to be voluntary, can never be forced, and that QR codes infringe on civil rights, in a major win for the burgeoning anti-vax movement in Russia. Here is an excellent summary of his statement.

The Patriarch's statement was required to be read out in churches all across Russia at the end of Sunday morning service. Bishop Porfiry did so, and then proceeded to urge Russians to resist the vax and the vax passes as evil and unacceptable on moral and legal grounds.

Video is in Russian. English transcript follows below. Well worth reading the Bishop's words, as he is very influential and popular among Russian Christians. The video was immediately spread across Russian social media, seen by millions.


First of all, one must individually and personally realize that the QR codes are a change in the entire legal system, that it is an unacceptable thing for a citizen and for a Christian. The Christian must regard every use of this system in his life as a sinful phenomenon and not allow it to be used.

As a citizen he must in every way rebel against the establishment and adoption of this system in life. There was a phase of discussion of all these bills. Citizens expressed their negative attitude to the bill, the widespread introduction of these QR codes. At the same time in practical life we sometimes encounter the fact that they have already been put into use. Their use is illegal, not based on the law, but simply the decision of some authorities to really put them into practice. What should we do in this case?

Obviously it is necessary to avoid every new case of using this system, because if we show this QR code, this means that by this  this action that we agree with a system which is unacceptable, and not according to Christian or civil understanding. Therefore it is necessary to avoid all those places where it is required and the conditions of in which it is required to present this QR code. And if it is necessary to enter these places, whether a shopping mall or any other place where people gather, it is necessary to enforce the right to be in those areas or to receive the corresponding services without presenting this evil badge.

We also need to support each other. In Tatarstan in such an illegal way were introduced codes on transport. But people using social networks established another alternative system. When drivers began to give others a ride to those who do not agree with the this system and thus showed their solidarity were able to resist in this way. In general, we have to do the same, and support each other, thus opposing something that seems unavoidable.

You know about the governor's latest decree for visiting the Solovetsky Islands. One of the conditions could be the presentation of a QR code. We also have to counteracted this by expressing our opinions publicly and through the deputies who are on our side. That is, using all our civil rights, electoral rights, because the introduction of such rules is contrary to our will. We should seek by all legal means to cancel this rule.

God grant us in these difficult circumstances to be worthy Christians and citizens, and as never before we can learn that the operation of the law in the country is not so much based on the work of law enforcement agencies. They can do nothing if citizens consciously stand up for the law (the Constitution) that they have made, that is accepted in their state society and with which they agree. The law holds in this or that society as long as the citizens personally each in their place stand up for it, for freedom of the civil will. We must stand up for the law, and above all the basic law of society which is our Constitution. We can appreciate how beautiful our Constitution is. We must study it. We must become conscientious citizens, that is, stand up for the rights and freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution, which is Christian in spirit.

We should use this legally and spiritually beautiful legacy that we have received, and make every effort to ensure that those who will live after us, our children, should not live in a society of absolute barbarism and absolute lawlessness, when man, his personality and his dignity would be reduced to nothing, which they would be if these fundamental rights and freedoms were somehow annulled, dismantled and eradicated.

Happy Holidays to all and God's help in work and in life.

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