Pope's Acceptance of Homosexuality Reveals the Dark Core of Roman Catholicism

The spirit of Roman Catholicism has been revealed. Many Orthodox saints have written about this, describing Roman Catholicism as a "political corporation" and a "demonic delusion", identifying the Pope as "the first Protestant".

In this conversation with Dr. Alexei Osipov, an honored Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, we discover that the Pope's public announcement about accepting homosexual couples is nothing more than — finally — an open statement about what the Vatican is, and what the Catholic religion is . . .

N. Bulchuk: The latest news concerning the statement of the Roman pontiff, Pope Francis, about the acceptability of church approval of the so-called "homosexual families", literally shocked even those people who still believed that the Catholic Church would retain at least crumbs of prudence (we do not touch now doctrinal moments) - even simple human prudence. Here are the pope's true words: “Homosexuals have the right to a family. They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be unhappy because of this ... "

A. I. Osipov: Well, this statement by the Pope is not the first, in fact, on this topic. Such statements of his have already aroused bewilderment at first, then protests, and then indignation. But apparently the latter is distinguished by a special mentality, thanks to which, probably, he was once elected. Speaking from the point of view of the Providence of God acting in the world, the time has come, finally, for all those who have not yet understood what the Vatican is, what Catholicism is - the time has come to call it all by its proper name.

The spirit with which the Vatican lives has been revealed.

Many of our saints have already written about this. It was not for nothing that Saint Theophan the Recluse (Govorov) called the Catholic Church a “political corporation”, Khomyakov called the Pope “the first Protestant,” Saint Ignatius (Brianchaninov) said that the teaching of the Catholic Church about spiritual life is completely what the holy fathers call "demonic delusion." And he pointed, in particular, to those saints whom Catholics worship and who are the ideal for many Catholics.

So, you see, this is really, as many rightly say, what Francis has now publicly announced, this is nothing more than, finally, an open statement about what the Vatican is, what the Catholic religion is.

N. Bulchuk: But what is the novelty and the danger of this last statement, Alexey Ilyich?

A. I. Osipov: It turns out that today the Pope is questioning the most fundamental principles of morality, moral Christian teaching. And this is not surprising, because, starting with Pope John XXIII (he died back in 1963), all subsequent popes used the same phrase, which no one had ever used before them (before John XXIII). And, of course, Pope Francis repeats this with special force and emphasis.

N. Bulchuk: And what is this phrase?

A. I. Osipov: The fact is that John XXIII was the first to visit the Roman synagogue, and to the whole world he said: "You are our elder brothers." Moreover, here we are not talking about Jews, but about Judaism, for which Jesus Christ is a false messiah. Because he calls people to the Kingdom of God, which “is within us,” and not to the Kingdom of God, which people dream of building on the earth.

So, all these are natural steps. Francis right now declares: he directly declares, this is again an unprecedented statement: "We and the Jews believe in one God."

What does this phrase indicate? That Christ is no one for Francis! You and we believe in what God? In Jesus Christ, who is the Image of the Invisible God. Here, He, God, appeared in the form most accessible to human knowledge! ..

Now think about what Francis says: "We have one god with the Jews." That is, it is possible to believe in “one god” without recognizing Christ? Calling Christ a false messiah?

So, you see, how dogmatic or (which is more understandable for the general public) doctrinal truths to what extent are connected with the moral teaching of Christianity.

And now ... Pope Francis has repeatedly, in hints, around and around, based on the context, expressed his point of view on this issue. But now he openly declared his opinion. And this, of course, excited a lot of people.

But I would urge you not to be surprised and look at his personal spiritual state: how he demonstrates his humility in front of the whole world, in front of cameras, for example, kissing the feet of refugees or blacks, as well as other ostentatious "forces" that he throws out. So much for the Vatican! It’s time, perhaps, for the Orthodox to pay serious attention to this.

N. Bulchuk: But immediately the figure of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew comes to mind, who has recently been very close to Pope Francis ...

A. I. Osipov: Lately he has been flying to Rome every now and then, and only communicates with the Roman prelates. And by this he most obviously demonstrates his spirit.

You see what a danger stands before us, before Orthodoxy! After all, this, it would seem, is Constantinople, the primordial Church, and what is it doing!

It is no accident, by the way, that Constantinople has recently taken not only such a position, but has essentially gone into schism: this is what it means - communion with the spirit of the world, with the spirit of Catholicism!

N. Bulchuk: Aleksey Ilyich, does this mean that now the Catholic Church will revise some of its doctrines? We know that it currently teaches for us “to treat homosexuals with respect", but opposes same-sex marriage.

A. I. Osipov: Everything is happening gradually. To say some things at once, to call them by their own names - then you can be shocked. And gradually you can calmly lead to this.

Look, in the 19th century, an Italian doctor (I don't remember his name) said that when mankind calls abortion a common occurrence, you should know that a complete disaster has come! And so, after all, gradually, gradually, all this has already become commonplace. Someone scolds, someone defends - and in fact, many of them are Christians too. And look - the female priesthood ... And these "homosexual families" as they are so-called ... I'll read a message here: somewhere in Finland a conference is being held at which Orthodox priests (Orthodox!) will act as defenders of this phenomenon!

And here people are often confused: it's one thing - yes, God loves everyone equally, but love isn't the only thing God has. But God is love... The sun shines equally on everyone - that's true. One and the same sun for everyone is also true. But how do we relate to this? Therefore, there is no need to quote here that we are all “children of the same Father,” but we need to remember those commandments that the Lord gave us.

You know, He also gave the law. See what the Scriptures have to say about homosexuality. And quite clearly, frankly, just read the Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Romans, what else is needed for a Christian ?! And, nevertheless, we observe how gradually all this is ignored.

I think that just as soon the Vatican will not speak about it as accurately as the Pope does now, but will generally accept it as one of the theses of its faith. But here poison is already penetrating into Orthodoxy! Now the world is very small, it is getting narrower and narrower. And therefore, I am already concerned not only with the fact that the Vatican is showing its true face, but I am much more worried that our Orthodoxy might come under the full influence of all these phenomena.

We must not forget what St. Philaret of Moscow said: "Not a single Local Church is guaranteed to be protected from deviations and falls." The Roman church is a prime example of this.

So it's not even Francis that worries me, but our Orthodoxy worries me much more. Because we also see examples of them approving what God Himself forbids!

Source: https://pravlife.org/ru/content/prishlo-vremya-nazvat-veshchi-svoimi-ime...(Russian)