Russian Supreme Court Declared LGBT Movement an Extremist Organization and Banned It

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The Supreme Court recognized the international public movement of LGBT people as an extremist organization, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

“The claims must be satisfied: to recognize the international social movement of LGBT people as an extremist organization and to ban its activities in Russia,” the judge announced.

He added that the decision should be "implemented immediately."

As the press service of the court clarified for RIA Novosti, a representative of the Ministry of Justice took part in the meeting.

The meeting lasted more than four hours and was held behind closed doors. The case materials totaled more than 20 volumes.

The Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit to recognize LGBT as an extremist organization. As the department reported, the activities of this movement on Russian territory contain “signs and manifestations of an extremist orientation, including the incitement of social and religious hatred.”

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