New Russian Law to Protect Single Parents from Being Fired

In Russia, it may be prohibited to fire single parents raising children under the age of 16. The State Duma adopted the corresponding bill in the second reading on January 23.

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“The adoption of the law will prohibit employers from firing single mothers and fathers who are raising children under 16 years of age. Now this norm applies to parents of children under the age of 14,” State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin previously explained.

The speaker noted that “voters have repeatedly turned to deputies with a request to make appropriate changes to the legislation.”


“Children under 16 still need help. In such a situation, the dismissal of a mother who is raising a child alone can leave the family without a livelihood. We must protect single parents, and employers must understand their responsibilities,” the Chairman of the State Duma emphasized.

The third reading of the document is planned to be considered on January 25. 

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