May 30 - The Venerable Euphrosyne (Eudocia) of Moscow

The Venerable Euphrosyne (Eudocia) of Moscow

Today the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Venerable Euphrosyne, in the world the Pious Princess Eudocia, wife of the Grand Prince of Moscow, Dmitry Donskoy. For Russia, the happy marriage was a pledge of the unity and peace between Moscow and Suzdal, because Eudocia was the daughter of Dmitry Constantinovich, Prince of Suzdal.

The princess was very pious, virtuous, and God-fearing. She was taught how to live a God-pleasing and righteous life by two great saints of Orthodoxy: Metropolitan Alexis of Moscow, and the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh. The princess built churches and organized monasteries, caring for the spiritual development and the salvation of her people in the Christian faith.

When Tamerlane's hordes approached Russia, Saint Eudocia ordered the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God to be immediately brought to Moscow. The icon miraculously defended the Russian land.

The princess reverently kept all the fasts, prayed much, and wore chains underneath her luxurious clothes. Having raised up all her children, and buried and mourned her beloved husband, Saint Eudocia went to a monastery, and received the monastic tonsure with the name Euphrosyne.

She ended her life in prayer and asceticism, and peacefully went to the Lord in the year 1407. She was buried in the Ascension Monastery that she had founded.

The thirtieth of May is the feast day of the Venerable Euphrosyne (Eudocia) of Moscow.

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