May 3 - St. Nikolai Velimirovic - Author of the Prologue of Ohrid

They called him "the new Chrysostom". He is the author of the beloved "Prologue of Ohrid". The Orthodox world loved him for his inspiring homilies, his teachings, and his writings. He had to leave his Serbian people for America . . .

St. Nikolai Velimirovic, Bishop of Ohrid and Zhica

St. Nikolai Velimirovic served in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ during a difficult time for Orthodox Christians: the beginning of the twentieth century. It was a time of persecution comparable to the times of the early Christians. 

During this same time, the two World Wars began, descending upon the earth like black sorrows, almost destroying people's last hopes for the future. 

It was only God-bearing fathers, like St. Nikolai, sent by God to comfort the despairing, who helped the people to bear their distress. 

St. Nikolai endured many afflictions himself. But thanks to his sincere faith, the Lord helped him to survive the terrors of the Dachau concentration camp, and to survive that refinery of souls, in order to follow Him further: to save souls, to save churches, to save Orthodoxy. 

They called him "the new Chrysostom". The Orthodox world loved him for his inspiring homilies, his teachings, and his writings. He had to leave his Serbian people for America, where the saint was hidden from the persecutions.  

He never forgot his native flock, and for the rest of his life he prayed fervently for his people and his homeland. And the Serbian people were thankful to him, for they felt St. Nikolai's prayers to be their heavenly protection. 

There, in America, far from his homeland, he departed to the Lord, his faith still strong in spite of everything. And having completed the podvig of earthly life, he united with God in the heavenly kingdom. 

The third of May is the feast day of St. Nikolai Velimirovic, bishop of Ohrid and Zhica.

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