The Lives of These Russian Christian Military Heroes Will Blow Your Mind

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This article from our archives was first published on RI in September 2017

The Mother of God - the Unassailable Champion Warlord - is the Protectress of all Orthodox Christians.

"Stand for the Faith and the Russian Land!" so go the words of the song "A Farewell of Slavic Women." These words have resounded harmoniously throughout the Russian lands like echoes from the bygone years, dancing across the Ukrainian fields. They represent the beautiful symphony that exists between the Russian Church, the military, and state which we have covered extensively.

Whilst there are endless tales of great Heroes, far too many to describe in one article, let's take a look through Russian history, zooming in on the host of some of the most obscure, and some of the most legendary Russian warriors. Let us take a look at how Russian people see their country as protected by God through the lives of some of her greatest heroes. Below is a portal of Russian Heroes which we have already written about.

Write us in the comment section down below and tell us which Russian Heroes you want to read about, and maybe they’ll get their own article. As we continue to write about them, this page will be updated. Check back in for the latest stories!

Saint Olga of Kiev and all Rus'

Would it shock you to know, that when I think of a great Russian military leader, the first that comes to mind is a woman? Were it not for her, Russia may very well be called Drevlia today. In those days, Russians almost lost their motherland, but by means of Olga, they had it restored, and they called it Russia again.

This Warrior-Princess conquered the tribe that killed her husband, enamored the Roman Emperor so much he wanted to marry her, burned a city to the ground using only birds, established one of the earliest tax systems, and is single-handedly responsible for saving Russia. Her grandson Vladimir the Great, baptized the entire nation in the river Dnipro, beginning the period we call Holy Russia.

Saint Ilya Muromets

Ilya of Murom is Russia’s Christian Hercules. He was born a crippled peasant, wrestled with a Holy Mountain in the form of a Giant, slept in his tomb for three days, and arose the mightiest warrior in the Russian lands, only to finish his life as a quite humble monk.

You can still see the body of this 11th-century hero undecayed with your own eyes! The sleep of Ilya Muromets represents an ancient secret trait dormant in the blood of Russian people, to find out what that is and more, draw your bowstring and let the arrow of your mind fly back into the bygone years, and into the life of this legendary Bogatyr.

Saints Alexander Peresvet and Andrei of Radonezh

What happens when Mongols invade Russia and threaten to destroy her faith? You get the Russian Christian version of Shaolin monks, that’s what. Don’t let the skulls and crossbones on their robes fool you, they are not pirates, in fact, they are far deadlier.

When Saint King Dmitri came looking for a blessing to fight the invaders, he found in Saint Sergius’s monastery his two champions. These monks helped win the battle of Kulikovo fields, when Russia went to the fields as multiple warring principalities and returned as a united country. Though, perhaps, one could argue she was united long before.

Admiral Saint Ushakov was a contemporary of Admiral Lord Nelson, however unlike his British counterpart, Ushakov was never defeated in battle during the forty campaigns he fought in. Oh...and did I mention he once inflicted 2000 casualties without taking more than thirty? His talent was so great that the famous British Vice-Admiral was to be put under his command during the joint siege at Malta to the ire of Nelson. It is important to know however that Ushakov was canonized not for his military heroism, that alone does not qualify for canonization—it was instead how he preserved the spirit of a true Christian in horrible conditions of battle, always risking and ready to sacrifice his life those under his command.

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