June 2 - The Holy Martyr Thalelaeus of Aegae

Even though he was still young, he was firm in his faith in Christ the Savior . . .

The Holy Martyr Thalelaeus of Aegae

The kind youth Thalelaeus lived in the third century after the birth of Christ. Even though he was still young, he was firm in his faith in Christ the Savior.

He was led to trial before the governor of Aegae. The governor tried all of his people to see if they believed in Christ. To all the questions Thalelaeus only said, 

"I have already avoided death two times. Now I stand before you, do what you want with me. I want to die for Christ, my God and Savior, and I hope for His help to endure all the tortures."

The governor became enraged at Thalelaeus, and ordered the executioners to make holes in his shins, put a rope through the holes, and hang him upside down. God, however, kept the executioners away from Thalelaeus, and instead of him, they hung a block of wood.

Seeing that he had been deceived, the governor ordered the executioners who had believed in Christ to be beaten until they were almost dead, and then to be beheaded.

The governor wanted to carry out the tortures that he had planned for Thalelaeus himself, but God didn't let him approach the young man. Then, because of his weakness, he ordered Thalelaeus to be drowned.

When the executioners returned, they reported that they had carried out Thalelaeus' death sentence, but before they even finished talking Thalelaeus stood alive before them. Everyone froze, and the governor could only whisper, "Look! This wizard has even enchanted the sea!"

Then they threw Thalelaeus to be eaten by wild animals, but neither the bear, nor the lion would touch him. Finally, the governor chose the most reliable method of execution: He ordered them to cut off Thalelaeus' head.

Having prayed to God, Thalelaeus bent his head under the sword, and his soul departed to the heavenly kingdom.

The second of June is the feast day of the holy martyr Thalelaeus of Aegae.

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