The Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women - 3rd Week After Pascha

They became the first heralds of the miracle: Christ is risen!

The Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women

On the third week after Pascha, the holy Church glorifies the deeds of the holy Myrrh-Bearing Women: Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Cleopas, Salome, Joanna, Martha and Mary, Sosanna, and others. 

These are the women who took Jesus into their homes, who followed him through the terrible trial at Golgotha, where Christ was crucified. They stood near the cross of Christ the Lord, lamenting his suffering. 

They didn't leave him like the other disciples who had lost faith. They didn't fear anyone or anything, but having hearts filled with pure love and faith in their Divine Teacher, they went to the Lord's tomb to anoint his body with oil, as was customary. 

Christ appeared specifically to them, the myrrh-bearing women, to show them that he was risen. They became the first heralds of the miracle: Christ is risen!

The Orthodox Church especially honors the myrrh-bearing women, because they, being weak women, demonstrated truly courageous, selfless service to God.

They didn't leave their Teacher, but to the very end they believed in the truth of Christ's teaching. He greatly rewarded them, and by their example we all have hope for salvation.

The week of the Myrrh-Bearing Women is the third week after Pascha.

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