May 18 - The Holy Great Martyr Irene

She was baptized by the apostle Timothy. The divine signs and miracles that accompanied her converted many thousands of pagans to Christianity . . .

The Holy Great Martyr Irene

In the first century, in Macedonia, the ruler of the city of Magedon had a daughter named Penelope.

Even though all of her family and the people surrounding her were pagans, the young girl saw the corruption and depravity of paganism, and believed in Christ.

According to tradition, she was baptized Irene by the Apostle Timothy. She decided to dedicate her life to God, and refused to marry any of the suitors that her father had chosen for her.

Her goal was high - she intended to convert her family and thousands of pagans to Christianity. Of course her father was opposed to this. He could not force her to worship the pagan gods, so he furiously condemned her to death.

Death, however, could not touch Irene, but came upon her father instead. God brought him back to life by the prayers of Irene. Seeing this miracle, all of her friends, family, and acquaintances believed in Christ.

Then Irene set out on a long journey to preach Christianity. Everywhere, the pagans fell upon her and tried to torture her to death, but she remained unharmed.

She was accompanied by many divine signs and miracles. Because of this, thousands of pagans converted to Christianity.

When the Lord told Irene that her death was near at hand, she went with her friends to an isolated mountain cave. They covered the entrance with stones as she requested. And when the Christians returned four days later to open the cave, it turned out to be empty. And everyone understood that the Lord had taken St. Irene to be with Himself in Heaven.

The eighteenth of May is the feast day of the Holy Great Martyr Irene.

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