Cows are Vegetables in a Condensed Form, Claimed Fifty Ancient Bishops

One day in the late sixth century, fifty British bishops crossed over from Wales to visit St. Aidan of Ferns. They arrived during Lent, and were taken into the guest-house, thoroughly exhausted by their journey. 

The steward brought them fifty bannocks with leeks and whey for their dinner. But this did not please them. They demanded pork or beef. 

The steward reported the matter to Aidan. "Can this be permitted in Lent?'' he inquired dubiously. "Of course they shall have it," answered the bishop. So they were supplied with butcher's meat.

Before they departed, these bishops deemed it expedient to apologize and explain: "You see," said they, "that bullock you killed for us had been suckled on milk, and ate grass only, so that its flesh was actually milk and vegetables in a condensed form . . . "

St. Aidan was too good and courteous a man to make answer to this quibble.

(S. Baring-Gould, John Fisher, The Lives of the British Saints, pp. 122-123)

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