Ancient Wisdom of the Christian Hermits: Hunger, Silence and Toil

July 31 is the feast day of one of the most revered of the ancient elders, the Venerable Pamva the Hermit. According to the Church Statutes, today is not a fasting day.

The Venerable Pambo of Nitria, the Hermit. One of the first Christian monks, contemporary and co-worker of the founder of monasticism, the Venerable Anthony the Great, who performed spiritual feats in the Egyptian Nitra Desert in the 4th century AD. The Venerable Anthony the Great himself said of Father Pambo that he instilled the Holy Spirit in himself through the fear of God. And another Christian ascetic of the time, the Venerable Pimen the Great, characterized this saint in this way:

Three things we saw in Father Pambo: hunger every day, silence, and toil.

Father Pambo was guided throughout his monastic life by the words of the 38th Psalm of King David that stuck in his soul: "I will keep my ways, that I may not sin with my tongue. The saint was a model of discernment, devotion and diligence - he worked till exhaustion every day and ate exclusively on bread, which he earned by his own labor. Many of the disciples of the Monk Pambo of Nitria also became great Christian ascetics and were glorified among the saints.

Source: (Russian)

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