Vybuti: Homeland of the Holy Princess Olga

Vybuty is a churchyard 15 km from Pskov. Homeland of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga, the saint of the Orthodox Church

Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga

According to legend, it was in Vybuty that Saint Olga met her future husband, Prince Igor. The prince hunting nearby asked the girl to transport him to the other side of the Velikaya River and was amazed at its beauty. Returning to Kiev, Igor sent an embassy for Olga and married her.

The Church calls Saint Olga equal to the apostles. This is a special face of holiness for those people who contributed to the spread of Christianity. During a diplomatic trip to Constantinople, Olga was baptized with the name Elena. After that, the first churches began to be built in Kiev and a Christian community arose.

By the way, it was Saint Olga who streamlined taxes and created a system of churchyards - special "strongholds" of the central government throughout the country. This was the basis of the economy of Russia. The name of Saint Olga is especially significant for the people of Pskov, who consider her the heavenly patroness of Pskov and the entire Pskov land.

Church of the Prophet Elijah near Brod in Vybuty

The modern building dates back to the 15th century, but, most likely, a wooden church used to stand on this site.

The temple of Elijah the Prophet in Vybuty - one-domed, four-pillar, one-apse, with an 8-pitched roof - is a classic of Pskov and Novgorod temple architecture.

Two-span Belfry

Such a bell tower is a characteristic feature of Pskov and Novgorod architecture.

Icon of Elijah the Prophet

The temple icon of the late 13th century is evidence that an older temple once stood on the site of the present one. The icon is kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. This is the oldest known Russian hagiographic icon.

Holguin stone

One of the huge stones from the Ice Age near the Ilyinsky temple. According to legend, princess Olga's footprint has been preserved on it. Such stones are not uncommon in these parts. In the 1930s, the temple of Elijah the Prophet in Vybuty was closed, the church of St. Olga (1914) was destroyed. And the tracker stone was blown up. Now in its place is a memorial sign in the form of a pyramid of boulders, topped with a cross.


Burials of the XX century are adjacent here with the crosses dating back to the construction of the temple.

Great river

A little further downstream, the island divides the river into two branches. The right, deeper one is called "Olga's gate", and the left, shallow and stony, is called "Olga's sludy". According to legend, it was at this place that Olga's crossing was.

Source: foma.ru (Russian)

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