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Russia's 'Orthodox Oligarch' Explains Recent Meeting with Pope - (Malofeev) (Video)

He thinks the meeting was a victory for conservatives within the Catholic church, and anticipates serious pushback from Catholic liberals


One of the most intriguing figures in Russia’s political and spiritual life, Konstantin Malofeev is sometimes referred to as the ‘anti-Soros’.  

He is reputedly the largest Christian philanthropist in Russia, and an unabashed conservative, backing various charities, schools, and social and political causes.  He is a monarchist.

He is a strong supporter of family values and an outspoken critic of abortion, tolerance of homosexuality, and gender-bending.  Last year he financed a major documentary film about the international homosexual lobby called "Sodom".  

He is on both the EU and US sanctions lists, allegedly for massive financial support to the Donbass separatists, which he denies, although he says he very much believes in their cause.

Here he appears on a talk show on a major new Christian TV news channel he founded and financed, Tsargrad, (see an article we wrote about this last year) discussing the meeting between the pope and the head of the Russian church.

He thinks the meeting is a great victory for the Russian church, which is deeply socially conservative, because it indicates a turn to conservatism within the Catholic church.

The meeting has provoked a strong outcry from conservatives in the Russian church, who believe that it is wrong to have anything to do with the Catholics, whom they see as hopelessly evil.  We wrote about this last week.  (Many Russian Christians are Furious About the Meeting With the Pope)

What he has to say is quite interesting.  Worth a listen.