WATCH: Russia's Favourite Theologian Talks About the True Cause of Pandemics (Osipov)

Russia's most famous theologian talks about how believers should understand the world pandemic

Alexei Osipov is one of the most articulate, most popular Russian theologians and a tenured professor at Moscow Orthodox Theological Seminary. 

He is most famed for his ability to articulate complicated matters of theology in simple layman’s terms - and even often make his viewers laugh.

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Alexey Ilyich, how have you been dealing with life 
 recently during with this very difficult period in our lives?

Well, I suppose that, first if all, your question implies
not my domestic life, or everyday routine, I hope 
but the spiritual meaning behind my being, today. 
 Which is, truly, immensely important!

And I feel like the most important question today , and, to which we might even probably already have an answer,
is actually this: When we are met with certain kind of disaster, or I crisis,
we ask ourselves - “What is the Cause
of this great problem?!..”
And yes, for the Chinese, all possible causes are probably external. Most of them are not Christian.
But what about us, 
 what do WE think?…
Now, this is very important to think through, and I encourage everyone to do so,
because, first of all, we have to understand that everything in this world works in perfect regularity.
Regularity exists not only 
in a physical, biological or psychological sense
but in a Spiritual sense, first and foremost.
And the first and most significant Truth
of Christianity, is that God is Love itself
and there is no grander Commandment 
than of that Love for Him, and of Love for thy neighbor. 
And here is what I assume - that the main Cause of this Blight that has come over us
and that has come over our Civilized World, first of all
is that Love itself is perishing from the hearts of people.
Love for God, and Love for all People, all Nations.
...And what has our God thought us?
He, himself, brings out the Sun to shine on all, good or bad 
And sends the clouds to rain on the righteous and the unrighteous alike.
I believe that the main reason for what is happening now 
is an attempt to call upon the people 
to wake them up, look into their Souls, and call upon their Conscience 
so they can try and remember 
the True Meaning of Life.
Remember of God’s Existence, perhaps, also?
To remember of Eternity, itself. 

And when we do, perhaps, it would be the time 
to turn our backs on the lifestyle we abide by
-A Shameful lifestyle, important to remark - which is consistent in our modern world;
Turn our backs, and repent at least an ounce 
For that very person who never recognizes himself a sinner shall never have his prayers be answered. 
So if we do repent, perhaps God will look down on us 
and have Mercy; and the wishes of many 
that is, “To defeat this villain 
Coronavirus” will finally be granted.
These are the thoughts that speak to most right now, during these times…

But, I cannot help but notice the smile on your face. How do we keep our Spirits high
after facing such great anxiety and fear for our loved ones and ourselves?

Well, you must remember, Jesus Christ has warned his disciples 
of the horrors humanity eventually will face. And Jesus said, “when those calamities will come
bow your heads”, “Rejoice in Hope, be Patient in Tribulation, and be Constant in Prayer.” God speaks to us most during the scariest times; so bow your heads in worship…And, finally, Repent.

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