Russian film about Solovki Monastery wins Best Film at Christian festival in U.S. (+VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

A Russian-made documentary about the famous Solovki Monastery was named Best Film at this year’s Great Lakes Christian Film Festival.

In addition to the festival’s highest award, The Holy Archipelago, directed by Sergei Debizhev, also took home three other prizes.

The festival announced its winners on Monday, November 6. In particular, in addition to winning Best of the Fest, The Holy Archipelago also won the Best Documentary Feature, Best Cinematography (documentary), and Best Sound/Music (documentary), reports the festival’s press service.

“The Holy Archipelago is addressed directly to the soul and heart of a person,” Debizhev told Ivestia. “The film touches on the deep meanings of existence, faith, hope and love. These meanings are close to everyone, no matter what country they live in.”

He continued:

The phenomenal success of the film in Russia and around the world shows that man is still alive, feeling, looking for light, despite attempts to drag him into a cold, digital, virtual future. The Holy Archipelago is the first truly large-scale film on a spiritual and religious theme. We see the world not as a physical object, but as a creation of God. We know that Russia lives not in time, but in eternity, and this is our strength, this is a different model of being.

In turn, co-producer Mikhail Skigin said that because of the film, “Americans saw Russia as a very beautiful country, where strong-willed people live and respect traditional values. We were able to directly reach the hearts of viewers and film critics in the United States.”

He also noted that to date, the film has received more than 30 awards and nominations in countries such as Italy, Greece, USA, Australia, India, Singapore, Serbia, Brazil, Cyprus and even the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Watch the film’s trailer:

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