15,000 White South Africans Flee Racist Persecution, Plan Move to Russia

It is happening, as I predicted a few years ago, that white Christian people will increasingly see Russia as their salvation

Editor's note: As the Western world becomes more aggressively godless, more people have been looking towards Russia as the last place where they are free to raise a Christian family and lead a life of faith. Some have made the ultimate step, and they are moving to Russia in search for a Christian society where the establishment supports Christian values and beliefs and is not trying to destroy them.

Recall what I wrote on the fate of white South African population in March:

While blind and hypocritical West was hailing their thoroughly fake idol of Nelson Mandela, the Republic of South Africa was slowly being consumed by unprecedented black racism and non-stop assault on white Afrikaners. Rape, murder, robbery, barbed wire electrified fences around white South African communities–these are defining characteristics of modern South Africa. In general–it has NO FUTURE.

The expropriation of land from white farmers will be their death knell, literally. Like in Zimbabwe, they will be raped, murdered, pillaged and whatever else comes with Zimbabwean, now South African “justice”.  The so called West, which still believes in own lies about South African “democracy” and benevolence of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and of ANC WILL NOT accept white Afrikaners when real white exodus starts, nor will the United States do so–the combined West prefers today anybody but white, predominantly Christian people.

The fate of Afrikaners is in question today and those people need desperately safe haven to start their lives over. Modern West is not it. 

The delegation of Boers is currently in Russia, namely in Stavropol Region, and is discussing resettlement of 15,000 Afrikaners to the area. The process is obviously not going to be simple–for starters there are very few huge land lots, which Boers got used to own in South Africa, in Stavropol. Boers love hot climate and, obviously, an abundance of the land, say in the Far East, is not going to work.

Russians do care about peoples’ honesty and labor ethics first and foremost and Boers easily pass this test. The condition for Boers is, and these are not poor families, to have half-million dollars per family to invest into the economy of the region, which comes naturally once the issue of settlement is, well, settled.

But whatever the outcome of all this is, the whole notion that Boers see Russia as a possible new homeland is telling and it is huge in its implications. It is happening, as I predicted a few years ago, that white Christian peoples (which is by definition–a European root) will increasingly see Russia as their salvation. That is why this Putin’s message at Valdai Forum last year was enormously important. Listen attentively again what he is saying both openly and implicitly.

Source: Reminiscence of the Future

Video Transcript:

Almost 15,000 descendants of South Africa's white colonists are thinking of moving to Russia. They are ready to make a contribution to the farming development of the South of Russia, to invest their money in the Russian economy, and give English lessons. At the first stage, about 30 families are going to migrate. A delegation of Boers arrived in Stavropol with a proposal to open a migration channel.

Andrey Chistyakov's reporting.

The guests were greeted with new crop bread in Stavropol. The foreigners were surprised at a sheaf of wheat. The taste of Russian hospitality pleased the African southerners. They call themselves farmers and explorers. This family is representatives of Boers, descendants of the Dutch farmers, who populated the fifth continent 200 years ago. Today's inhabitants of the Orange Free State are getting uncomfortable there. The land issue set at variance among the locals.

Adi Slebus: "It's a matter of life and death — there are attacks on us. It's got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence".

The Africans decided to visit or even move to Russia after a German family had migrated here. Last winter, they fled from the European values and found home in the South of Russia. The Boers were inspired by their contagious example.

Adi Slebus: "The climate here is temperate, and this land is created by God for farming. All this is very attractive".

The migrants are ready to move to Stavropol with their families. They are planning to run farming, to set up communes like the Terek Cossacks who were found by the settlers similar to their ancestors settling down at the South of Africa.

"This is a kind of a comb for horses".

They are going to lease lands. To do this, every family is ready to bring up to $100,000 of their own funds.

The brothers in faith were received in the cathedral of Stavropol. The guests wanted to see an Оrthodox church and to talk to the local clergy.

The guests from South Africa are going to view the Krai for several days more. After that, they want to visit Karachay-Cherkessia. Only then, they will come home, discuss everything, and make a hard decision on the migration. They promised to send a letter on the decision.

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