Russia Wants More Babies: $14,000 for Families of 3 or More, Award Ceremonies at Kremlin With Putin

A family has their third child. The parents bring the birth certificate and an application form to the bank that gave them a home loan. When the application is approved, the government transfers money to the bank, helping to pay off the family's mortgage.

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The Frolovs have three daughters: 17, 10, and the youngest, Vera, is four months old. They need a roomy apartment. The family took out a 20-year mortgage. The apartment is still being renovated but they're already paying the loan, which is 35,000 Rubles per month (approximately $525 USD).

“It's hard when you have three kids.”

Irina Frolova: "We always welcome state support. It's vital for families with more than two children."

Now, they have a chance to pay less. The State Duma is considering a bill allowing a family that had their third, fourth, and fifth (etc.) kid to receive 450,000 rubles (approximately $7,000 USD) to pay off a mortgage regardless of which parent took it.

Anatoly Aksakov, member of State Duma: "If they're co-borrowers, one parent gets the money, which they can use to pay off their mortgage."

Young families need additional state support. The idea was voiced by Vladimir Putin back in February in his Federal Assembly address. Yes, they do get a reduced mortgage rate of 6% but the state is ready to provide more help.

Vladimir Putin: “Right now, they take a loan and begin paying it off. That's where their benefits end because the interest rate is only subsidized for the first 3 or 5 years of the loan. I propose that we extend the benefits to the entire duration of the mortgage. Naturally, that'll require additional investment. A lot of money. It'll be 7.6 billion rubles ($117 million) in 2019, 21.7 billion rubles ($334.5 million) in 2020, and 30.6 billion rubles ($472 million) in 2021. However, according to our estimates, the program can support 600,000 families.”

The new 450,000-benefit is simple. A family has their third child. The parents bring the birth certificate and an application form to the bank that gave them the loan. Next, the project operator comes in. He files requests with the Civil Registry Office. The family doesn't need to submit any additional papers.

Alexey Nidens: "We process the applications and check if they meet all the requirements. If the application is approved, we transfer the money to the bank which uses the sum to pay for the family's mortgage."

A rare case: The law will have retroactive force. The money will be provided to families expecting their third child, and the families who had their third child on or after January 1st, 2019. Note that these families still get maternity capital.

The State Duma studied statistics. The average home mortgage loan in Russia is 2.5 million rubles ($38,500). Considering that a family gets 450,000 rubles ($7,000) of maternity capital when they have a kid and is now entitled to another 450,000 rubles of state support, the loan sum can be reduced by more than a third, by 900,000 rubles ($14,000). This also reduces monthly payments.

If the bank loan is less than 450,000 Rubles, the loan is paid off, and the rest of the money returns to the budget. Ten billion rubles ($154,000,000) have been allocated for the project in 2019. That will support tens of thousands of families and help implement the national projects.

Nikolay Alekseyenko: "That'll support the construction industry. It's also an additional incentive to solve demographic issues. I believe it'll have a multiple-vector effect."

Three kids or more, every family will get 450,000 rubles for every child born, if they take out a mortgage for a larger apartment every time they have a new kid.

Transcript for 2nd video:

While they waited for the meeting with the president, the Kremlin's grand Georgievsky Hall turned into a kind of a hobby club for children. After all, they had to amuse the youngest participants of that landmark meeting somehow. Here's a hockey battle. And here, toddlers are playing on the carpet. There's a huge set of toys for them.

“We're playing with Kremlin guards.”

One can try on a historic military uniform. Next to it, are desks for drawing. Just a few days ago, these boys and girls couldn't even imagine that they'd play in the Kremlin. There's now a gym under the arches of the tzar's chambers. They gave a tour around the Kremlin for each of the eight families.

- Who is this?

- We should find out where this scene is from.

- Prince Vladimir?

One wouldn't often see this in the Kremlin. Victoria Dmitrieva, a young mother, is walking around the Georgievsky Hall with the youngest participant: 3-month old Katenka.

Eight large families gathered in Moscow today, each representing a federal district. The president thanked all of them and all large Russian families.

Vladimir Putin: “Your families' example strengthens the authority of the institute of family, revives sincere... He confirms that what I'm saying is true. It revives the original traditions of a strong household, solidarity, and love, loyalty to one's kin. People like you are the heritage and blessing of our country.”

Of course, the state helps families with children. Many, not only large, families have recently felt that.

Vladimir Putin: “It includes a lower tax burden on large families, additional welfare and benefits, privileged mortgage programs, the creation of new places in nurseries and kindergartens. We'll continue this work for sure. I know that this isn't enough. We'll think of if there are certain ideas as to how the state can improve this work and fully support you.”

For strengthening the institute of family and marriage, the first Orders of Parental Glory were given to the Dmitriev family from Moscow. Each of these families is happy in its own way. The Syropyatovs have nine children. There are eight girls and only one boy. He was born last year. The Liseytsevs from Sevastopol were recommended for the decoration two years ago when they had five children, but then they had twins: Petya and Savva. After the awards and taking photos with Putin, the middle one, Vanya, asked the president for something.

- We couldn't hear what you talked to the president about. Tell us what you said to him, please.


- I said that my mom is pregnant.

Of course, the trip to Moscow is a big event for every family, because they at least must get ready and go to Moscow from Sakhalin, Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria.

- Irina.

- Vadim.

- Artur.

- Rufina.

- Mark.

From the first time, they failed to introduce themselves in front of the cameras. They're without their eldest daughter, who has her own family. Olga and Pyotr Markevich have 12 children. They don't think that it's a wonder. It's surprising that Olga was the only child in her family. She confessed that she wanted five children, and then this happened. Here's advice from a mother of many children to those who'd like to walk that path.

Olga Markevich, mother of many children: “I think it's about love. You still love and forgive them when they disobey.”

Girls help around the house, the elder boys help around the farm. I milk at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. It's like this every day. They only took a vacation in order to go to Moscow.

Everyone has his own history of multiple-children happiness. But almost all of these couples had to start that way back in the difficult 90s.

Evgeny Koshkin: “Our children were born in the 90s when they didn't pay wages on time, and many people judged us, saying that we're breeding poverty. We didn't expect that one day, we'd be here, that there'd be some programs for us one day.”

Vladimir Putin: “You see, it all comes from God, your soul, your heart. You're the main people who define the life of our country.”

For all of those who were awarded was a tea-party with the president in the Kremlin's Alexandrovsky Hall after the ceremony.

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