Russia Reducing Costs for Large Families and Pensioners, for Housing and Communal Services

The maximum allowable share of own expenses of single pensioners and large families for housing and utilities in total income should not exceed 10%, and for all other Russians - 15%. Such a bill, sent to the Cabinet of Ministers, was published on social networks on January 30 by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov.

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Parliamentarians propose reducing the share of spending on housing and communal services for single pensioners and large families. For people in such categories it is proposed to limit these fees to a maximum of 10% of income, and for people in all other categories, 15%. Any costs above this will be subsidized from the regional budget.

Currently, the federal standard allows regions to set a limit of up to 22%. At the same time, in wealthy regions of the Russian Federation, the maximum figure is often left, and in subsidized areas, citizens often pay more for utilities than in regions with a higher standard of living.

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Lawmakers are taking making this proposal in response to the fact that debts of the country's residents for housing and communal services grew by a record 8.7% last year and exceeded 833 billion rubles. The statistics are explained by the annual increase in tariffs, which does not take into account the dynamics of the population's earnings.

As the Parlament Gazette wrote, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Decree “On measures of social support for large families.” Among the recommendations to regional heads, is the provision of benefits for housing and utility bills in the amount of no less than 30% of the total amount.

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