In Russia, 1 Million Rubles “Paternity Capital” is Proposed After the Birth of a Third Child

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In Russia, it is being proposed to introduce “paternity” or “many-child” capital (financial assistance) in the amount of 1 million rubles (~$10,800 USD) at the birth or adoption of a third child (and subsequent children) in a family. Izvestia News received this information from the commission on demography, protection of family, children, and traditional values in the Public Chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation.

The demographic situation in Russia requires emergency measures, as follows from the commission’s report, which will be presented at the Community forum on November 2. If the situation continues, then by 2030 the country will lose more than 6 million people from natural decline, who will not be able to be replaced by the migration influx, the document states.

It is necessary to encourage families to have a second and subsequent children, the Public Chamber believes. Among the proposed measures is the introduction of support in the amount of 1 million rubles, which is provided for the birth or adoption of a third or subsequent children in one family. This statement was made by Sergei Rybalchenko, chairman of the commission on demography, protection of family, children, and traditional family values of the RF, in an interview with Izvestia News.

“We offer multi-child or paternity capital, which is provided upon the birth of the third child. It can only be provided once. Do not increase maternity capital after the birth of a third child, but make a separate payment,” he explained.

It is proposed to call the payment “paternity capital”, he said, to emphasize the difference with maternity capital payments, which already exist.

“But in general, it can be called both maternal and paternal. The most important thing is that the person should have many children,” Rybalchenko concluded.

Other proposals include expanding the use of maternity capital funds for large families, for the purchase of a domestically produced family car or commercial rental housing, if the family is in line for improved housing conditions.

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