Russia Defeats Wave of EU Sodomy Propaganda - the Year in Review

This article is machine translated from the Russian original and is quite understandable. It originally appeared on the popular conservative political website "Katyusha" which has also taken a very strong stand against vaccines and vaccine mandates. They also have an excellent YouTube channel (Russian language). The headline in Russian was "A black day for homosexuals - homo-festival is decertified, Rostov SWAT team raids homosexual party club". The article is interesting in that it reflects how Russian public opinion addresses the LGBT phenomenon, without the insufferable political correctness which plagues open and forthright discussion in the West.

While the West makes propaganda of sexual perversion the basis of its "New Wonderful World" ideology, at least Russia is fighting back. The Ministry of Culture refused to include the Queer Film Festival "Side by Side" in the registry of international film festivals, but instead this party ended up in the registry of foreign agents. In Rostov-on-Don the riot police broke up a party of perverts, and in Nizhny Novgorod they gave eight years to a pedophile pederast. Yes, pederasts still work as anchors on national TV channels, sit in government offices and in the management of banks and corporations, but at least they don't actively flaunt their disease. This is already progress compared to mid-year with Danya Milokhin, Morgenstern, and the Muz-TV awards.

Russia is still far from being a complete Europe, no matter how hard some officials and the Western "fifth column" in the government might try to push this point. After the European Parliament officially declared the entire EU a free zone for LGBTQI propaganda back in March of this year, thus cementing the new EU ideology, Russia was also hit by a wave of homo-propaganda. But now the year is coming to an end, and we are happy to report that we have so far fought off aggressive propaganda by pederasts, although the same forces that promote homosexuality have not yet defeated covidian fascism.

For example, the British Foreign Office (or rather, the UK Special Services under the guise of the Foreign Office) caught financing the Side by Side Queer Film Festival as an inagent and sued the Russian Ministry of Culture for taking away their coven's status as a film festival. As a result, to show their opuses the homosexuals need a distribution certificate for each film-which, we hope, no one will give them.

For this event the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) recently allocated £420,000 or 40,931,061 rubles.

There are also other pleasures. For example, in Rostov-on-Don, MVD operatives, together with local riot police and Rosgvardia officers, broke up a coven of a couple hundred perverts and drug addicts in a bar called the Blue Oyster.

We could make a comedy about how it all happened, but in the end the riot police caught and counted all the local pederasts, which gathered about 200 people, including a certain blogger Roma Zhelud. They checked everyone's IDs and put them on a special cardboard. The exceptions were the organizers, on whom protocols were drawn up for violation of anti-coveting measures (at least they were of some use).

Most of all they received a certain citizen with inflated lips, who was desperate to prove that he was Dionysus, but turned out to be one Denis Rudnitski, who received 11 days in jail for disorderly conduct. According to REN TV, the law enforcers learned about the party from a message on the social networking site, where a guy with a very thick lips invited everyone who wanted to come and have fun. After such agitation law enforcement officers decided to come and check what young people were using, and at the same time to prevent the inadmissibility of the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships and the involvement of minors in such relationships.

Earlier in Nizhny Novgorod, another pederast who turned out to be a child molester, Dmitry Sizov, was arrested and sentenced to eight years in a minimum security prison. Sizov was also taken care of by "partners" from Western foundations. After all, in their opinion, he "hadn't done anything wrong": he simply corresponded with children in social networks and blackmailed them into having sexual relations. Also, the man distributed pederast porn on the Internet and provided intimate services for money. Fortunately, the attempt by "human rights defenders" to turn this character into an "unfortunate victim" was fruitless.

In general, resistance to the "New Wonderful World" consists of such small matters. Yes, by no means in all directions are we able to offer this resistance, but for now, our society has not completely lost its ability to resist. As long as we can get pederast film festivals expunged from the cinema, the security services don't protect gay pride parades, but disrupt them and send pedophiles to jail, there is a chance to fight off other "wonderful initiatives," including kovidobesity and kovidobesity. But that's probably next year.

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