Quote of the Day - On Prayer for Others (St. John of Kronstadt)


About this saint

John of Kronstadt (+1908) was and is one of Russia's most beloved saints. He was a huge celebrity at the end of the 19th century, traveling extensively around the Russian empire, collecting large sums for donations to the poor, and his diary is one of the most widely read Christian books in Russia today. He lived on the island of Kronstadt, just outside St. Petersburg, where he served as a priest at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

A married priest who lived with his wife in virginity, through his untiring labors in his priestly duties and love for the poor and sinners, he was granted great gifts of clairvoyance and miracle-working, to such a degree that in the last years of his life miracles of healing--both of body and soul--were performed countless times each day through his prayers, often for people who had only written to him asking his help. During his lifetime he was known throughout Russia, as well as in the Western world.

He has left us his diary, My Life in Christ, as a spiritual treasure for Christians of every age; simple in language, it expounds the deepest mysteries of our Faith with that wisdom which is given only to a heart purified by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Foreseeing as a true prophet the Revolution of 1917, he unsparingly rebuked the growing apostasy among the people; he foretold that the very name of Russia would be changed. As the darkness of unbelief grew thicker, he shone forth as a beacon of unquenchable piety, comforting the faithful through the many miracles that he worked and the fatherly love and simplicity with which he received all.

Saint John reposed in 1908.

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