Orthodox Christianity

Three Criteria by Which to Recognize a Modern False Prophet

Archpriest Geoffrey Korz May 19, 2022 669 Comments

Heresy Is Poison to the Soul, Disregard For Its Danger Is a Sign of the Times

Metropolitan Augustinos (Kantiotis) March 31, 2022 185 Comments

The Love of Heaven Roars with the Thunder of Anathema

St. Innocent of Kherson March 13, 2022 394 Comments

The Inhumanity of Darwin's Theory

Maria Sayevskaya March 9, 2022 341 Comments

Profound Lenten Sermon by Russian Saint from Crimea

St. Innocent of Kherson March 8, 2022 256 Comments

Self-Pity Corrupts Everything We Do - Russian Saint

Priest Pavel Serzhantov January 23, 2022 355 Comments

Occultism Is Behind Mental Health Crisis

Dmitry Semenik December 21, 2021 529 Comments

Holy Russian Elders on the Coming of Antichrist

Optina Patericon December 4, 2021 1,300 Comments

THE ANTICHRIST: An Orthodox Perspective from the Church Fathers

Fr. Andrew J. Anderson December 2, 2021 1,039 Comments

How Individuals and Nations Become Demonically Possessed

Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov) of Pskov and Porkhov November 15, 2021 956 Comments

Time to Read (or Reread) Dostoevsky

Nun Cornelia (Rees) November 13, 2021 563 Comments

The Theme of Fatherlessness in Dostoevsky's Demons

Nun Cornelia (Rees) November 11, 2021 377 Comments

4 Typical Rural Russian Churches and Villages - A Photo Essay

Orthodox Christianity September 30, 2021 162 Comments

Russia Bans Fictitious Film About Lesbian Nun

Orthodox Christianity September 23, 2021 560 Comments

DC Russian Cathedral Rector Recounts His Path to Priesthood (Potapov)

Archpriest Victor Potapov September 15, 2021 121 Comments

Chapel Opened at Site of Soviet Prision That Held New Martyrs

Orthodox Christianity September 9, 2021 92 Comments

How Do God’s Promises to Abraham Concern Us?

Sergei Komarov September 5, 2021 208 Comments

Counsels of Fr. Seraphim (Rose) to Young Converts

Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) September 5, 2021 359 Comments

On How Father Vasily Overcame a Temptation

Deacon Sergei Geruk September 3, 2021 92 Comments

PRESERVING THE FAMILY: From the Letters of Archimandrite John (Krestiankin)

Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) August 25, 2021 111 Comments