Provo Health Class 8th Graders Taught to Kill People

Originally appeared at: Defending Utah


Thanks to photos that were leaked online some time in September or October of 2020, an 8th grade assignment in Provo City School District has been caught teaching kids how to choose who are the less valued in society by selecting who must be “sacrificed” and who gets to live.

The health class teacher is reported online to have said this will “help kids examine their ethics and values,” and flunked this student for saying that everybody deserved to live.  Is the public school system trying to train the next generation to support a future genocide?

After reviewing these photos, I would encourage you to consider the bigger picture of what has happened to our education system as outlined in this article “The Making Of A “Happy Slave:” How Your Child Is A Commodity In The New World Order & You Are Agreeing To The Insult.”

“Belief in God, loyalty to your country and the authority of parents will be erased. Children will be transformed and molded into the new global citizen through education.”

SCENARIO: World War 3 has just occurred. You and 16 other people find yourselves to be the only ones left on the earth. All of you manage to make it to a bunker. However, you soon realize that if 5 of you wish to survive for many years, 12 of you will have to leave soon because there are not enough resources for all of you to survive. If all of you stay, then you will all live only for a maximum of 2 years.  So all of you have to make the decision who is going to have to leave the bunker.

Directions: First go through the list of individuals and carefully consider the ones you think should stay in the bunker and highlight your 5 choices in yellow.  The individuals you are sure to exile/sacrifice highlight in blue.  Make a defense of your decision, thinking seriously about your choices. You must persuasively present your case clearly explaining why you think the individuals you have chosen are the best ones to stay and why the others must be sacrificed. [Editor’s note: the school can’t even spell correctly] Think about the benefits and detriments each individual [Editor: spelling corrected from school assignment] would contribute to the group of 5 chosen to survive in the bunker. Type your persuasive reasoning in the following chart on the next few slides.

One public comment on social media correctly links this type of education with the pseudo-science of Eugenics that was popular with Nazi Germany.

Feel free to tell them how you feel about this personally with their publicly available contact information.

280 WEST 940 NORTH
(801) 374-4800
Deputy Superintendent
Jason Cox
Keith Rittel

Enoch Moore is co-founder of Defending Utah and the ultimate programmer geek. Enoch grew up in the middle-east and traveled to America in search of the dream. Unfortunately that beloved American dream is dead and Enoch's new goal is to restore freedom to Utah and the world. He also dreams of liberating "hollow earth" and then beyond to other planets.

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