Popular US Orthodox Vlogger Jay Dyer on the Viral Delingpod Podcast (VIDEO)

The Delingpod is a relatively new (1.5 years now) 2-3 times weekly podcast hosted by English journalist James Delingpole, and it has become something of a sensation in the alternative media space. 

Delingpole describes himself as a "former normie" mainstream conservative journalist who, as he explains in almost every episode, started "going down the rabbithole", and "taking the redpill" just over the last year, as he wrestled with the implications of the covid phenomenon.

Delingpole in pursuit of the uneatable

What makes Delingpole unique is that his background, connections, and status in "normie" world, combined with a winsome and likable manner, allow him to get high-calibre personalities. He has a gift for agreeable and highly intelligent conversation that doesn't shy away from facing down some very unsettling truths. He invites guests who have something valuable to contribute, even if they are not well-known. It makes for entertaining talk which is attracting a large audience.

Here is a backup on podbean, as YouTube might well give this one the death jab.

His investigations have led him to Christianity over the past year, another subject he frequently explores with guests. We do not know which denomination he subscribes to, but from his background, we would guess, Church of England, but of a rather conservative small "o" orthodox variety, with belief in the existence of the Devil, for example.

Delingpole is the product of a very elitist education and career. He went to Oxford with, and knows as friends (former, judging by his acid commentary), two prime ministers (Boris Johnson and David Cameron), and a number of cabinet ministers. He had the kind of journalistic career that goes along with this sort of life - The Spectator, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, etc., and is a best-selling author. He lives in the countryside and enjoys grouse-hunting. You get the picture. Years ago he became convinced that climate change science is "complete bollocks" manufactured by globalists for the purpose of manipulating humanity, and researched and wrote about it extensively, and it was this which gave him some of intellectual architecture which allowed him to see the same machinations with Covid. Another ongoing interest of the podcast is crypto-currencies.

Many of his guests are British-centric whom most people outside the UK would not recognize, but they almost always deliver as fascinating. Recent episodes include a bombshell interview with the American tech-entrepreneur and crypto investor Jennifer Arcuri, famously Boris Johnson's lover while he was mayor of London and married, where they discuss, among other things, Satanic behavior among the British political elite and their complete control by supra-national organizations. Quite the red pill indeed, and very entertaining.

Delingpole has evolved into a hard-core anti-vaxxer. On that count, recent guests include CJ Hopkins, Whitney Webb, Gerald Celente, Eva Bartlett, Catherine Austin Fitts, Mark Crispin Miller of NYU, James Corbett, Jay Dyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Naomi Wolf, Patrick Wood, and Vanessa Beeley. He often tries to explain what is happening with covid from a spiritual, Christian viewpoint. The podcast is supported exclusively by donations from listeners, giving Delingpole the freedom to pursue what he wants.

The conversation with Dyer is from April, but it is excellent and relevant still. It is wide-ranging, giving a good overview of Dyer's work and life story, without getting into too many autistic details, a difficulty when encountering Dyer's standard output. They touch briefly on why Dyer eventually arrived at Orthodoxy, what is really going on in the Catholic church, how global elites infiltrated not only the Catholic church, but also most of the Protestant denominations, and the spiritual and apocaplyptic aspect of the Covid nightmare.

We recommend this episode highly, and the entire podcast in general. It has become required listening, and will undoubtedly get much, much bigger with time, precluding of course, the onset of a full-blown apocalypse.

Delingpole has a very good Telegram channel, and is on Twitter, Patreon, and Subscribestar. His show is on all the big podcast platforms.

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