Pope urges all Christians to celebrate Easter together

The pontiff wants to time the joint celebration of Easter to the 1700th anniversary of the First Ecumenical Council.

Originally appeared at: UOJ

Editor's Note: Roman Catholics have many doctrinal errors, and are not of the same faith as Orthodox Christians. To understand why the directors of Russian Faith do not consider this news article to be positive, please see our many articles opposing ecumenism.

Pope Francis for the first time expressed his desire for a permanent joint celebration of Easter by all Christians, reports kath.net. Addressing representatives of the Vatican's International Theological Commission, Pope Francis called for "reopening the Council of Nicaea."

Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis. Photo: 24tv.ua

The year 2025 marks the 1700th anniversary of the First Ecumenical Council. On this occasion, Francis said that all Christians should celebrate Easter together at all times.

In 2025, Easter falls on the same day in both the Western and Eastern calendar, the Pope reminded. "How wonderful it would be if this were the concrete beginning of a permanent joint celebration of Easter!" he said at a meeting with Vatican theologians.

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