Pope Invites Transgender Prostitutes to Dinner at Vatican

Transgender people sent a “big kiss” to the pope.

Originally appeared at: UOJ

On November 19, 2022, the Vatican hosted a luncheon organized by the RCC on World Day of the Poor, to which the pope invited transgender female prostitutes from the Italian city of Torvaianica, Reuters reports.

Claudia Victoria Salas, 55, Carla Segovia, 46, and Andrea Paola Torres Lopez work in the sex industry and are very grateful to the Pope, who, like them, is Argentine.

The pontiff talks to transgender people. Photo: Vatican News

Pope Francis seated Claudia Salas at the table across from him.

"We transgenders here in Italy feel a bit more human because the fact that Pope Francis brings us closer to the Church is a beautiful thing," Carla Segovia said.

Lopez said, "In the past, the church was closed to us; they did not consider us normal people. Then Pope Francis appeared, and the doors of the church opened to us."

Carla Segovia expressed gratitude to the Catholic Church for allowing LGBTQ+ individuals to become godparents. She mentioned that the new norms made her feel more comfortable. Although she considered returning to the faith in which she was baptized, she strayed away after declaring herself transgender.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for all of us transsexuals," said Segovia. "I send the pope a big kiss."

Earlier, it was reported that the Vatican allowed representatives of the LGBTQ+ community to be baptized and act as godparents.

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