Pic of the Day - Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture, Suzdal, Russia - March 29, 2018

We frequently come across beautiful pictures of Orthodox Christianity in Russia while cruising the internets, so we decided to share them from time to time.

It is so true, a picture can sometimes tell more than 1000 words.

Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture, Suzdal
Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture, Suzdal

Photo: “Airpano” Group. The entire project can be found on the site: «Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture, Suzdal» / Russian Roads.

The Russian Roads site, www.rusroads.com, is a really extraordinary online project which exhibits the very best of what Russia can offer in internet excellence. It is a collection of multimedia about various spots in Russia with really glorious photography and graphics. It has not been functioning since about March 25, but we hope this is a temporary glitch and that it will be up again soon.

We hope this really is a technical glitch, and that the project has not become a victim of the Infowars.

If you have any success accessing the site, please let us know in the comments below.

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