Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Priest Gives Neo Nazi Speech, Advocates Terrorism

“The only effective methods of combat are assassination and terror! The right way to communicate with the enemies is to fire at them! Our message to them is the message of death by hanging.” Mikhaylo Arsenych - Uniate Priest

Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Christians have been at the world, both the Orthodox and the secular, to see what kind of pure unhindered malice, hatred, and self-destructive insanity has been unleashed on the Ukrainian lands.

Unfortunately, some of that madness has come in the form of a dark and terrifying resurrection of Fascism in Ukraine. Perhaps even more tragically, this Neo-Nazism has been mixed with religion.

Below is a shocking and disturbing video from a Uniate (Greek Catholic) Priest, that shows just how strong this fascist ideology is among some individuals, particularly the Uniates and their rabid hatred against Orthodoxy (Full transcript of the speech at the bottom of the article).

We have already written about their Church seizures and attacks on Pochaev Lavra, this video is merely additional documentation of the events and mindsets that lead to the death of peaceful Ukraine:

Prior to the illegal coup in 2014, Ukraine has been a divided, yet relatively peaceful country. It’s no secret that its citizens and their opinions were, and could be different as day and night.

It is no secret that the people of Kherson, Kharkov, and Donestsk (very pro-Russian), have not much in common with Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, or Uzhhorod (very pro-Western).

Some peoples strongly considered themselves one Rus’ nation, together with Russians, others considered themselves only Ukrainian, which they regard to be totally different, and the only heir to Kievan Rus’

These differences, prior to 2014, were largely expressed peacefully. There were some moments of violence, but these did not define the country; for the most part Eastern Ukrainians spoke their Russian, Westerners their Ukrainian, and even if some people hated each other, the found a way to remain constructive and productive, or at least leave one another alone.

There was not a peep of “separatism” in Eastern Ukraine, or Crimea returning to Russia, until after Fascists began marching in Kiev, overthrew the government, and started a war in the East that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people including women and children. The Uniates are very proud of their role, and that of their grandfathers, in supporting not only Fascism, but Adolf Hitler, and other genocidal war criminals.

Uniate Priest preceding over a Nazi funeral. Note the swastikas on the German helmets.

Now violence distinguishes modern Ukraine, with a particular tendency towards Fascism that is as anti-Russian, as it is anti-Orthodox. Take for example the differences between the two major Church leaders in Ukraine.

It is often said by the Mainstream Media that the idea of there being Nazi’s in Ukraine is a Russian myth, that perhaps they exist, but it's quite rare, and they have no influence on politics.

Video evidence provides evidence to the contrary. This video is not the be-all-end-all proof of this, but merely one refrain in the endless chorus of Ukrainian voices crying out for these crimes to be recognized.

It is well known that Uniates (Greek Catholics), have often supported fascism, and the Priest in this video references the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” which dates back to WW2 where Stepan Bandera, a Uniate military leader allied with Hitler.

This is a quote from the text of Bandera’s Declaration of Ukrainian Statehood:

“By the will of the Ukrainian people, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists under the direction of Stepan Bandera proclaims the formation of the Ukrainian State for which have laid down their heads whole generations of the finest sons of Ukraine

The newly formed Ukrainian state will work closely with the National-Socialist Greater Germany, under the leadership of its leader Adolf Hitler which is forming a new order in Europe and the world and is helping the Ukrainian People to free itself from Moscovite occupation.”

The declaration ends with the words “Glory to Ukraine”, a popular Nazi slogan echoed by the priest in this video. Much like Sieg Heil, it is not the meaning of the words themself which make it Fascist, but their association and connotation; few people would say these words without any fascist sentiment. Bandera and his followers are now lionized and worshipped in Ukraine.

Illegitimate Priests marching with a Bandera picture

The Uniate Church was founded in after the 16th century Union of Brest, which was designed to steal parishioners from the Orthodox Church. Noblemen who wanted to keep their power were given an option by Catholic authorities to convert to a new religion which was Orthodox in appearance, but totally different in doctrine. This Church often fools believers and those not educated about religion often has difficulty telling the difference. I’ll give you a hint, if you hear death threats...they’re probably Uniate.

The Uniates were historically supported by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who committed many anti-Orthodox atrocities, not just in Ukraine, but abroad in Romania for example, as part of their policy to weaken Orthodox cultures. Here is an article we wrote about a Carpatho-Russian Priest from Western Ukraine, murdered by Austrian authorities.

Uniate members have recently been involved in attacking Pochaev Lavra in 2003 (only to be repulsed by a modern army of angry Cossacks), seizing Churches while beating grandmothers, as well as publishing hit lists against other confessions.

While the video above was recorded before the 2014 coup, but it only serves as documentation of the extensive and deep-rooted Fascism attacking Ukraine, as well as the absolute complicancy of the Uniate clergy which ultimately means the silent approval of the Vatican.

Even if the Mainstream Media does not cover this, I can assure you that these events are no secret in Ukraine. I can also assure you that if a Russian or Ukrainian Orthodox Priest DARED to say anything close to this, he would be immediately punished; Orthodox Priests have been punished for far, far less than these unacceptable words:

Video Transcript:

"Today we are really ready for a revolution.
Would the fighters of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army tolerate Tabachnik and Yanukovych today?
The only effective methods of combat are assassination and terror!
The right way to communicate with the enemies is to fire at them!
Our message to them is the message of death by hanging. We'll send all communists to the gallows-tree in our forest!
The message is our cry for vengeance -- take your weapon and chase all fear!
It is not a good time to be afraid!
We have been waiting for 20 years!
The situation will get better only if each of us makes a contribution to the construction of our national state.
We must first knock down the old house, and then build the new one.
We must rebuild our political regime and create a new sovereign state.
Only then will we live in our own country - in a country that takes care of our needs.
We want to be masters in our own house and decide for ourselves.
We want to be sure that our children will go to Ukrainian school.
We want to be sure that no Chinese, Negro, Jew or Muscovite will try to come and grab our land tomorrow!
Our success depends on each of us. We shouldn't waver, we must keep covered todays political regime. The ground will be burning under their feet, like our torches are burning today!
Our hand must be firm! Glory to the Ukraine!"

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