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Schismatic Ukrainian Bishop Seizes Church, His Supporters Beat Believers [Video]

In the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Western Ukraine, the fight is raging on for the Holy Assumption Church. Now the Kiev Patriarchate is joining in the fight

The fight continues for seized churches in Ukraine, as evidenced by this tragic video.

On November 12th, a "bishop" of the Kiev Patriarchate, one of the illegitimate non-canonical churches of Ukraine that actively support a nationalist agenda, orchestrated a breaking-in into the church of the Holy Assumption in Kolomiya and conducted worship there.

The church historically belongs to the legitimate Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the parishioners of the church tried to protest the illegal seizure.

In this video by the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese, we can see the bishop serving a church service, while his believers harass and brutally beat the true parishioners of the church.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. The police were on the scene.

It is a well-known fact, that the police in post-maidan Ukraine is a force to be feared more than trusted.

The police predictably came to support of the so-called "Bishop" Julian, and his Church raiders.

This tragic video is more evidence of the brutal war being waged daily against Ukrainian Orthodox Christians, who belong to the legitimate, original Ukrainian church (which maintains spiritual communion with the Russian church).

The media and government, who have dubbed the legitimate Ukrainian church a Moscow spy machine, silently support the persecution.

Despite cries of "Shame" echoing around "Bishop" Julian, this so-called "Christian", happily stole these people's home, as his associates brutally battered the resistance out of them, all while the police looked on.

Shame indeed.

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