Obama's Christian Holocaust-- Throughout the Middle East


It's a Christian Holocaust, alright.  With all the killings, crucifixions, and beheadings.  Not because Obama is a secret Muslim, God knows.  Au contraire.  He's a Church-going Christian, as countless photo-ops show.  So let's not go overboard.  Those images of martyred Christians must upset him when they hit the internet.  What will the American people think?

But business is business.  And this Christian genocide is part of the cost of doing business with the Turks and the Saudis and the Gulf monarchies.  It's a shame that the number of Iraqi and Syrian Christians dead or fled already number in the millions.  But what can Obama do?  As President he has to put our national interests first.  And in his mind our national interests lie in world domination.  With the power of life and death over every single person on the globe--whose inmost thoughts the NSA must know!  

For that to happen Russia and China must first be defeated and dismembered completely--beginning with Russia's removal from the entire Middle East, including its bases in Syria. That, in turn, will free up thousands of Jihadists to cross over into Muslim Southern Russia and start civil wars there.  It is hoped that with more apartment bombings and mass school shootings on the scale of Beslan, Putin will finally fall.  And Russia will quickly unravel from there.  To the Victoria Nulands and the Zbigniew Brzezinskis who advise Obama, Russia is as easily divided and conquered as Ukraine!

But where will all the billions come from to pay for all the weapons and supplies these  armies on armies of jihads and mercenaries will need on a year-round basis, year after year, till Russia and China are finally turned into so many fragmented statelets of the American Empire?  And who will provide the hundreds of thousands of jihadists required?  The Saudis and the Gulf monarchies have the money, of course.  The Turks have the land and sea routes to Russia.  And Saudi Arabia has all those Wahhabi madrassas it funds throughout Muslim Asia as sources of fresh jihadists.

So certainly the Turks and the Saudis and the Gulf monarchies would seem to have the means to make the neocons' Satanic dreams of world domination come true.  All these Sunni rulers ask in return, besides being allowed to eradicate all Shiite Muslims, is to be given carte blanche to cleanse the entire Middle East of all things Christian.

What a small thing to ask in exchange for the chance at world domination.  Who wouldn't jump at such a deal?  Especially if you have basketball in your bloodstream like Obama.

Of course, Obama is supposed to be fighting terrorists, not using them to destabilize Russia and China.  But now that Russia has entered the war, and shown what a handful of bombers can achieve against these terrorists in a few months' time, our two-faced President has been forced to attack selected terrorist "targets" too,  Like abandoned buildings and sand dunes.  Our pilots know that the "fix" is in.  And it sickens them.  Indeed they report that even when they have ISIS terrorists in their sights, 75% of the time the Pentagon won't let them drop their bombs.  

Meanwhile the systematic destruction of all things Christian moves inexorably ahead.  A crucified teenager here.  A drowned toddler there.

Millions of Syrian and Iraqi Christians dead or fled--we not know where.  But not to the United States.  Though one might think that Obama would feel he owed the survivors of his Christian Genocide something, in point of fact, only 53 of the 2,184 Syrian refugees accepted into the US thus far have been Christian.  The reason is obvious.  The US is afraid that Christians will talk about the Holocaust they just escaped. But as with every Holocaust the US has ever been involved in, so here once again.  The mainstream media knows better than to ask.  Thus the vast majority of Americans have no idea that a Christian Holocaust in Syria and Iraq is even taking place.

How intense is these terrorists' hatred towards things that Christians even touch is shown in this aerial view of the powdery site of St. Elijah's Monastery near Mosul Iraq: which was forced to close in 1743 after the monastery was sacked and all of its 150 monks were put to death for refusing to convert to Islam.


Not content with the level of death and destruction that previous Islamists had wrought, between August 27 and September 28, 2014, ISIS used bulldozers, heavy equipment, sledgehammers, and high explosives to pulverize Iraq's oldest Christian monastery into gray-white dust.  Not broken bricks and stones, mind you.  But utter dust.  Dust that will blow away in the wind if you try picking it up.  That's how much these crazed Islamists want to crush Christ and all things Christian--down to the very stones those martyred monks walked on.  If they could crucify Christ again, they would do so, singing and laughing.

That's the tiger Obama dreams of riding through the streets of Moscow and Beijing.  

As one embittered Syrian Christian told a BBC cameraman: "We sent you St. Paul 2,000 years ago to take away the darkness; and you sent us terrorists to kill us."

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