MH17, Tsar Nicholas 2nd, Intentional Casualties of The Western Ruling Elites’ 1000 Year War On Christianity

MH17 was shot down on July 17, the anniversary of the death of Tsar Nicholas II. Both dates were intentional. Western Elites were behind both murders.

In Scripture, the number 17 symbolizes complete victory. Noah's Flood & Christ's Resurrection each occurred on the 17th day of the month. In blatant mockery, Satan's followers also seek victory in seventeens.

Originally appeared at: The Saker

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Walter Scott.

Many many studies have been conducted, articles written, film documentaries made and many theories put forward, some very credible and others, well, less credible, of which the official, western, JIT theory is only one and one of the least credible, in the nearly five years since Malaysian Boeing MH17 crashed out of the sky into the fields of eastern Ukraine, killing all passengers and crew on board, in an area that just months before, had become a civil war zone thanks to the western overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government and it’s replacement by rabidly anti Russian fanatics whom the west was now going to use as a weapon against Russian leaning Ukrainians and above all, against Russia herself.

This article does not intend to join them. I am not going to be analyzing any of the evidence or be presenting any new evidence. I want to concentrate on whether the massive western propaganda campaign, the nature of the western led “inquiry” and the extraordinary amount of coincidences or syncronicities around the MH17 story, can point us to the true culprit or not and whether they can tell us anything about the true nature of those who are the actual rulers of the Anglo Saxon world and The EU and whether they have a secret, hidden agenda; radically different from the one they present for public consumption. Especially bearing in mind the fact that surely the most powerful of all these “coincidences”: the date of the atrocity, has barely been mentioned anywhere, including in the Russian media and when it has, it has been, very mistakenly in my opinion, only as an aside of negligible significance.

First of all let’s have a very brief recount of where we stand so far (2nd week of July 2019) as it has recently been announced that, based on “evidence” collected by the Dutch investigation board: JIT, four individuals, three Russians and one Ukrainian are going to be put on trial (certainly in absentia) next March-2020 in The Netherlands for “their part” in the downing of MH17.

Let us remind ourselves of what a normal investigation into the causes of an air disaster consists of. It consists of information from the black boxes, air traffic control recordings, any satellite recordings and information available as well as evidence collected from the crash site, witness’ testimony etc.

In the case of MH17 however we have virtually none of these!

The black boxes were found by the Donbass defense force first responders and were duly handed to Malaysian representatives who then handed them the the British which means they are certainly under the control of MI6 hence we have had and will have ZERO information as to what they recorded.

The Air traffic control recordings were confiscated by the Ukrainian secret services immediately after the plane went down and have never been heard of since.

US Secretary of State John Kerry stated publicly the day after the attack, “We know exactly who fired the missile and where it was fired from”. It is a proven fact that the US did have a satellite exactly above the area at the time but as to what that satellite recorded, we just have to take John Kerry’s word for that. The US has steadfastly refused to make that data public.

The investigating committee (JIT) is comprises representatives from Ukraine, Holland, Belgium and Australia. Malaysia, who’s plane and crew MH17 were, was originally excluded from the inquiry completely but was later admitted after five months due to their vigorous protests. The Malaysian government is becoming increasingly bold in its criticism of the whole affair complaining that information is being withheld from them by the other members and stating openly that it seems the purpose of the “investigation” from the start was to frame Russia. This obviously begs the question: was the purpose of the crash itself to frame Russia?

Russia has been totally excluded from the inquiry from day one in spite of having provided a huge amount of evidence and investigative information. The plane was only a few minutes away from entering Russian airspace and Rostov air traffic control was preparing to take over its guidance.

Since the US, EU masterminded putsch 6 months before, the Ukrainian government and its organs had been and are US puppets, albeit difficult to control puppets, yet it is exclusively their “evidence” that the JIT investigation relies on.


Any sane person can only draw one conclusion from all this and that is that the inquiry is not an inquiry at all but a coverup! Furthermore. In its most recent revelations released, (by coincidence of course), two weeks before the FIFA World Cup Championship was due to kick off in Russia last year, the JIT stated that they had found the serial number of the alleged Buk missile among the wreckage and publicly displayed photographs of it. It has since been proved that this missile was sent from The Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1986 when both were republic constituents of the same country: The USSR and the rocket belonged to the same army: The Soviet Army.

The Russians have proved that the missile remained under the control of the Ukrainian army and in the territory of Ukraine after the break up of the USSR in 1991 and was still in the inventory of the now western backed Ukrainian post putsch forces in 2014. In other words: the so called JIT “inquiry” has been caught in the tangled web of their own lies and told the world that a Ukrainian owned and not Russian missile was used for this crime. (claims that a fighter jet was used too are highly credible but as promised; such claims are not the subject of this article) Were this information somehow untrue, all Ukraine has to do is produce the missile. Instead their silence is deafening. As of course is the silence on this matter from all western media and politicians.

The west hoist by its own petard!

This damning evidence combined with the crucially important question of motive; vital to any crime investigation, points in only one direction: that the number one suspect by far for this crime is Ukraine!

What did post the post putsch Ukrainian leadership have to gain from the demise of MH17?

Those resisting the US, EU led nationalist coup d’etat; first and foremost the Donbass defense fighters who were being accused of firing the missile themselves, of looting and disrespecting the crash site and victims (completely falsely as it turns out) and then by default, fifty percent of the country before Crimea returned home to the Motherland on the 18th of March 2014, which is Russian speaking and Russian leaning were immediately demonised in the west due to the massive media propaganda onslaught! The demonisation of Russia who was being accused of providing the missile, in some cases specifically for the purpose, and of President Putin personally reached a fever pitch in the west as yet unsurpassed to this day. The EU’s reluctance to go along with massive US sanctions on Russia which were going to and have hurt the EU far more than the US, evaporated over night and the sanctions were duly imposed.

All of this was manna from heaven to the new Ukrainian leadership who were quite literally dreaming at the time that The US and NATO would not only attack the Donbass defense forces and crush them but also take back by force and reinstate Ukraine’s annexation of Crimea that had taken place with western help in 1991, but then attack and destroy Russia itself so they, the Ukrainians would become the new Russia.

Crazy you might say? You would of course be right; but I promise you I have known many Ukrainian nationalists personally and this is exactly the craziness that had been growing, fertilized and encouraged by the west since the time of Bismark, that overcame them in that year of 2014! Westerners are almost certainly unaware of just how far this craziness had gone. Articles were being published in the Ukrainian mainstream stating that mankind originated not in Africa but “in Ukraine!” that Buddha and Jesus Christ were actually ancient Ukrainians! Now these people’s dream was coming true. They had been placed in power by the “mighty” United States and the “mighty” European Union. The entire panoply of western leaders and their medias were backing them and seemingly moving in for the kill on “the great Satan” as they saw it: Russia and Vladimir Putin himself! A few little hiccups like the resistance of Donbass and neighbouring regions to the putschists and the “temporary” loss of Crimea would soon be put right by the all powerful west! This was the psychopathically charged atmosphere into which MH17 flew, being redirected by Ukrainian air traffic control to a lower altitude and a couple of hundred kilometers northwards to fly directly over the combat zone on the late afternoon of 17-07-2014.

All of this obviously leads straight to the one question which is:

What exactly is this western coverup covering up?

Is it covering up the possibility that this was the independent work of some of the ultra nationalist, Russophobe, neo-Nazi elements out of control of the Kiev government? (There were and are plenty such elements). We should bare in mind that, while far from new, the Buk missile system is a sophisticated killing machine that requires minimally three or four personnel to operate it with considerable training so the possibility of the attack having been a spontaneous decision is almost negligible.

Is it covering up the involvement of the west’s new Ukrainian government and if so, to what level? The highest level? Or: is it covering up the possibility that Ukraine did this with premeditated outside help? And YES folks! Premeditated outside help means in collaboration with one or several western governments, secret services, NATO and or NGOs who had helped place this band of hand picked by US neo-cons, virulent Russophobes in power in February of the same year and who also had equal, massive concurrent and coordinated motive to achieve all the results I have outlined above in order to force through their regime change in Russia – destruction of Russia, agenda.

Let us now remind ourselves of the number one immediate purpose, among many, of the western backed and funded Maidan putsch which was the capture of Crimea for themselves and within that, that capture of the Sevastopol Russian naval base for NATO.

“He who controls Crimea controls the Black Sea”

The west very much wanted that control and at the same time to deprive Russia of her historical position there. There are other reasons less obvious but vitally important for the western elites’ historical obsession with Crimea which we will get to soon. These same western elites were still seething with anger that their plan had been thwarted so efficiently on the orders of Vladimir Putin in person. The fact that Vladimir Putin in person only ordered the operation to save Crimea after confirming that the population of the peninsular were overwhelmingly and energetically behind reunification with Russia which, in light of the Kiev putsch, they now saw as a matter of life and death, knowing full well that the new masters in Kiev and beyond across the pond were committed to their expulsion or destruction, was and is a matter of total irrelevance to the rulers of the western world.

It should not be forgotten either, that back then the arrogance of the western elites and their surety in their own prejudice and propaganda vis a vis Russia led them to believe that Vladimir Putin could be easily overthrown as Russian elites and ordinary people would turn against him under the threat of being sanctioned by and ostracized from the west; to their own deluded egos, equivalent to being excommunicated by The Pope in the middle ages.

All the anti Russian propaganda coups they had cooked up since Vladimir Putin came to power however (including some pretty extreme ones such as the Litvinenko affair) had failed to turn popular opinion in Russia against him. On the contrary. The Russian president’s popularity was increasing steadily in spite of some genuine turbulence and dis-satisfaction, critically not pro western as such, around 2011-2012 and Russia was going from strength to strength. Wasn’t it time to come up with something even stronger, even more intense? A false flag of such emotional impact that it would turn the whole world and the Russian people against their government and president and allow the west to regain control of this vast multi ethnic empire; something it thought it had achieved in October 1917 and again in 1991 when the west succeeded in splintering the Russian world into many different countries, the majority of which, including Ukraine, had never existed before as nation states. The next step was of course going to be the dismemberment of Russia herself but something was going wrong with this plan, “some strange force” was apparently impeding the inevitable triumph of what the west calls “ freedom and democracy” but what conscious people all over the world know as the nightmare of western imperialism. Not to mention that quite literally, on the ground, the attacks on Donbass ordered by Ukrainian president Petro Prorshenko at the behest of The US and EU were failing quite spectacularly so the west was going to have to up the ante very considerably if it was going to achieve its goals this time round.

So I repeat. Here we clearly see a huge motive for the western elites to come up with a false flag, of which they had already created so many and some so massive in order to advance their globalist agendas around the world.

While discussing motive; it must be clear to anyone that Russia and her government had absolutely ZERO motive to get involved in any such act even if one takes the most cynical and jaded world view point of governments in general.

What made the downing of MH17 so powerful?

Of all the blows and propaganda strikes against Russia since V.V. Putin came to power, MH17 was by far the most powerful. I was online in France with time to devote as the story broke and its immediate emotional impact was colossal. Please understand that I am not losing sight of the fact that 298 innocent people lost their lives in this tragedy leaving 298 grieving families and circles of friends. Unfortunately air and other disasters happen and this was not the first one in my life or anybody else’s by far and yet the feeling this time was different, much more intense. As I watched various media outlets, RT, France 24, BBC World, CNN, this feeling increased. One invitee on the BBC actually said “The Russians are canny operators and would not get involved in anything like this” within an hour or so however, all western media had fallen into line and were shouting the “Russia did it” mantra from every side. It is a known fact that propaganda is more effective and can be injected into the target audience more deeply and permanently when that audience is in a state of emotional shock.

RT were quite frankly in a blind panic and all individuals on screen at the time were clearly reeling from the same level of shock as were I and millions of others around the world. That shock was the “rational” (Rationality is in fact surely one of the most subjective of concepts) shock of so many deaths including eighty children, the realisation that there was more to this than meets the eye but also something beyond. It was as if the whole world had changed somehow. The very air seemed different. It had different energy and vibration and all seemed darkness and void! I can admit to having had a presentiment of this feeling of black emptiness the day after the putsch in Ukraine. That was my wake up call. Evil would now fountain faster into the world through that putsch.

Not the first time I had such a feeling.

I personally missed the destruction of the World Trade Center by forty eight hours but this feeling of inexplicable intensity concerning a public tragedy I had felt once before and that was concerning the death of Diana Princess of Wales. The Diana connection here is an important example for the following reason and in writing what I’m now going to write, I do not want to disrespect the Lady in any way shape or form, especially knowing what I now know about her life, but my own feelings and tastes are my own and this is how it was. Unlike so many of my compatriots, I was not interested in Diana! AT ALL! I was not interested in her as a woman! I didn’t find her particularly beautiful and certainly not sexy. Neither was I interested in her intellectually and particularly looked down on her appalling taste in popular music. (Yes! I was a snob and I’m still struggling with that) In fact I would go as far as to say that she irritated me but when I woke up in London on the morning of 31-08-1997 to the news that she had been killed in a car crash in Paris where I had been living till a few months before and was still very much in a tale of these two cities, I was totally shocked at the strength of my own reaction. It was not grief as such, it was as if the whole world had been invaded by some alien force, everything felt irrevocably different, even the very air seemed alien.

That feeling again.

I met my oldest friend (also not a particular fan of Diana) and went for a walk. “There’s something weird about the whole thing.” he said. I agreed. Neither of us were thinking about whether there was more to this than meets the eye, maybe it wasn’t an accident etc. Such ideas did come but only in the most rational way and were not original or important compared to the seemingly new, heavy, dark grey world around us with such a startlingly different energy. Darkness and void!

With the same friend I walked along the funeral path in Whitehall and St James Park the evening before her final journey. Thousands of people were already camping out to watch the cortege passing ten hours later the following morning. Some were up trees. Whether they would stay there for ten hours I could not imagine. The atmosphere was so electric with emotion. I had never known anything quite like it. A side of human psychology and our collective unconscious and universal susceptibility to mass, intangible phenomena was being revealed to us.

It was of these moments that I was reminded as the shock of MH17 began to sink in and as I saw the propaganda campaign taking shape and taking form as the evening wore on and more “revelations” were published about Vkontakte posts bragging about downing an aircraft being “hurriedly deleted” and a recording of a Donbass and Russian commander talking about shooting down an aircraft (soon proved to be a montage, which knowing what I know about the sound editing process must have been prepared in advance) .

Many are those now who do not believe that Diana’s death was an accident and David Icke is one of the most convincing and most deeply researched on this matter. Why do I say this? Isn’t David Icke supposed to be one of those “conspiracy nutters” according to mainstream media some of you might be thinking. Well! Because of empirical evidence. The simple fact is that is that his explanations account perfectly for the intensity of the emotional and psychological effect this had on someone like me who did not have any strong emotional connection or even particular affection for Princess Diana not to mention millions more around the world many of whom had a closer attachment to her than me.

I’m not going into details here. You can find his explanations on YouTube and he also has a book out on the subject. Suffice to say that he claims that her death was not just a simple political assassination for “rational” motives but a ritual murder surrounded by a massive amount of “coincidences” and symbolism based on ancient history, the ancient significance of the Pont D’Alama and occult practices that he says the ruling elites of the western (and not only) world are using to maintain power over us on many levels. He claims that it is this symbolism and “coincidences” that gives such an “event”, hugely greater emotional power on populations than a straight forward assassination or terrorist act on a rationally random day at a rationally random time in a rationally random place.

I am not saying that I know Mr Icke is right anymore than I am saying that I know for certain who is responsible for shooting down this Boeing; I don’t. This however actually seems a very logical explanation for the intensity of the emotional outpouring over the death of the young Diana Princess of Wales and which now leads us back to MH17.

Here is a list of some of the coincidences concerning this Malaysian Boeing.

MH17, a Boeing 777 was brought down 17 years to the very day of its maiden flight on 17-07-1997 which was exactly one year to the very day. 17-07-1996, after TWA Boeing 747 exploded shortly after take off from New York en route for Paris, also in suspicious circumstances and also killing all passengers and crew on board. I am not a numerologist and do not have any particular belief in astrology and am not claiming that this in itself is of any significance but it is simply very strange. Surely no sentient person would not pause for contemplation of such unlikely synchronicity. This information was being published in mainstream western media shortly after the event that made me suspicious at first. Were it not true however, someone would have surely blown the whistle by now.

At almost the exact moment when MH17 was plummeting earthward, Vladimir Putin was landing in Moscow after flying from Brazil (hardly a short hop) where he had concluded a five day tour of Latin American states and signed the first major agreements of the then BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China. S, Africa, making it BRICS, would join later) in what was seen by the US, EU as a major blow the the continuance of western hegemony worldwide. This has led to various theories being put forward suggesting that in fact this was a botched attempt to bring down Putin’s plane which does have similar colours to the MH17. However. Personally I find this highly unlikely if not impossible as the president’s plane did not and would not have flown over post putsch Ukraine let alone over the war zone. It flew back to Moscow via Polish and Belorussian airspace. On landing after this mega stint, Putin now had to deal with the fact that the western media and politicians were howling in unison the he was personally responsible for the deaths of 298 innocent people most of whom were citizens of western countries. I have never seen the Russian President or cabinet look so tired as they did during a public cabinet meeting the next day in which they offered condolences, stood for a minute’s silence and pointed out that what ever had actually happened could not have happened if the west hadn’t overthrown the legitimate government of Ukraine five months earlier and started the civil war. This may also account for the fact that it took Russia four days to mount a press conference on the matter which meant that they had no chance to win back even some of the narrative as far as the western public was concerned.

Many have commented on Christine Legarde’s (Then and to the present day, head of the IMF ) very strange speech on 15-01-2014 where she talked first about the lunar new year and then repeatedly, the “magic” of the number 7. Hardly the most typical of topics for a head of the International Monetary Fund at a conference of the National Press Club. Then, very un-magically, she talked about a G7 meeting to be held in July, the seventh month of that year except that there wasn’t any G7 at that time but a G8! Russia had, after much prevarication, been allowed to join making it the G8.

Maybe it was force of habit that caused here to make this gaffe or maybe she knew or was telling us, or someone that Russia was not going to be there! The IMF was deeply involved in offering massive loans to Ukraine providing that it pivot westwards towards the EU. US neo-cons including major government figures were at the time on the streets of Kiev handing out cookies to, and supporting in far more substantial ways, protesting pro western, anti Russian students and others who had been occupying the central square of Kiev for some months already. A month later things would come to a head when snipers opened fire on protestors and police alike in an incident strikingly reminiscent of the “Bloody Sunday” provocation in Petrograd in 1905. The deaths would be blamed on the sitting Ukrainian government and Russia herself in the western controlled Ukrainian media just as the deaths on Bloody Sunday were blamed on the Imperial government and the Tsar himself by the western controlled Russian media of the day, in both cases falsely and in both cases leading to an illegal regime change operation conducted by the west. (Albeit on different scales of time and magnitude) In Kiev 2014, this illegal putsch led to Crimeans organizing a referendum and Crimea returning to Russia. Russia was promptly and publicly thrown out of the G8 and the G “magical” 7 was hence reborn.

The date!

There are some biblical connections to the seventeenth day of the seventh month which I will post as an appendix. The 17th July however has much significance in 20th century history and most of it but not all is black! By far the most significant event that took place on this date happened near the Russian city of Ekaterinburg in the small hours of the morning on 17-07-1918. The entire Russian royal family together with their doctor and aids were butchered like rats in a cellar by the Bolsheviks in what has now been proved beyond all reasonable doubt to have been a Satanic ritual murder.

Maybe because of this fact, or maybe not, Hitler chose this date in 1942 to launch the Battle of Stalingrad, the bloodiest battle in human history which would cost two million lives, Soviet and German and which would prove to be his undoing and the beginning of the end of what in fact was another Teutonic invasion of Holy Russia . Maybe because of this, the latter or both, (Or maybe not) Stalin chose 17-07-1944 to stage the only parade of German prisoners through the streets of Moscow that ever took place. It was massive including 19 German generals and nearly sixty thousand prisoners of war. After the German’s passing a fleet of water cannons symbolically washed the streets cleansing them from the “dirty” invaders. During the intense years of the second world war on the eastern front the 17th of July would often be a day of breakthroughs and successes for the Red Army.

Everything we have been taught about Nicholas 2nd and the so called “Russian Revolution” is a massive lie! The USSR was The Russian Empire under western occupation!

It is the murder of the Russian Royal family that is the key here. It is the concurrence of these dates that gave this event so much power and the fact that MH17 was taken down on the same day 96 years later is, to put it mildly, highly unlikely to be coincidence! Logically speaking the chances of it being so are 365 to 1 but when taking other factors into account they get even bigger.

Some of you will be saying to yourselves by now: “But who really cares about the last Tsar of Russia? That’s some old history now. What can it have to do with MH17 five years ago? It was very sad but he was a weak, inadequate leader who’s people lived in poverty so he was overthrown by revolutions. Others who have developed a strong psychological addiction to the myth of “the oppressed masses” rising up for “liberty and progress” and against a “tyrannical archaic monarchy” i.e. those who remain trapped in the dark, sect like, mind altering obscurantism of Marxism, communism and other forms of soul-nullifying collectivism will now be dismissing me as a crackpot lunatic. Either way these are the two main view points on the massive lie we have all been taught and the roots and substance of this lie are identical whether you grew up in the Soviet Union or the so called “democratic” west because the lies were all western lies; in the west as in The USSR! Only the label on top was different depending on which block you were in. In the west that label was that the last Tsar was a kindly but ineffectual family man who couldn’t control his country. In the USSR he was portrayed as a bloody dictator. Interestingly, with the arrival of Gorbachev, “glasnost & perestroika” Soviet media began to allow articles and programmes portraying him as a well meaning but weak and ineffectual leader so the western media started creating programmes portraying Nicholas 2nd as a bloody dictator. I remember seeing one “documentary” on British TV where an American leather jacketed young “journalist” was trying to get us to believe that the imperial children were constantly trying to kill each other in order to get closer to the succession. No! Seriously folks!

The western elites! Their own agenda?

It doesn’t take a huge amount of research and observation to see that the western ruling elites are, in truth utterly obsessed; obsessed over and above almost any other issue, with making sure that the truly massive web of lies they have successfully got us all to believe concerning Russia in general and specifically Nicholas 2nd and pre revolutionary Russia and the so called “Russian Revolution” does not start to unravel. The propaganda is never ending. I have never seen a documentary or programme from America about Imperial Russia or even that just mentions it in passing where the phrase “Tsarist tyranny” is not systematically used. Not one! In truth, compared to most 20th century regimes and even what the west is becoming now, no such tyranny ever existed in imperial Russia. The situation is only slightly better in Europe. The same panoply of lies is constantly rehashed and is so all pervasive that even genuine truth seekers often get caught up in the web and end up continuing the deception. In the USSR, the sovereign’s birthday was obliterated by the creation on 19th of May of Young Pioneer’s Day. (The Young Pioneers were then Soviet equivalent of boy scouts – girl guides or the Hitler youth of the 3rd Reich),

British royal weddings usually take place in the height of summer but last year Prince Harry got married on Nicholas 2nd’s one hundred and fiftieth birthday on 19-05-2018. Because of this “coincidence”, nobody in the western world was going to pay any attention to Nicholas’ birthday. Chance? Prince Harry chose to wear at one point during the ceremonies a very unusual jacket, in fact the uniform of the colonel in chief of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards that Nicholas 2nd had worn on a visit to Britain in 1894. During the preparations for his wedding to Alexandra, he had been made 1st colonel of the 2nd Scots Dragoons. Coincidence or symbolism?

In Russia itself, this is the single most controversial and sensitive issue as the results of Soviet brainwashing are still very much alive in many people who were at school, university or even just kindergarten during Soviet times and are still deeply affected by lies that were expertly injected into them from infancy onwards. I will return to the current situation in Russia on this matter in the conclusion.

As the bodies of the Russian royal family were buried, reburied, mutilated in order to be unrecognisable and supposed never to have been found, so the history of Russia’s last Tsar and the successes of his empire and what Holy Russia, he and his family represented to their peoples and the whole world have also been buried, reburied and mutilated in order to be unrecognisable under a massive web of lies and distractions and were never supposed to be found.

I have always liked history and I found it interesting. Some don’t find it interesting which is fine. But this is the point. We are all taught history is “interesting” and yes, even that we can learn from it; from the mistakes and successes of the past etc but we are not taught that historical events, even ones thousands of years ago, have actual force and physical influence even today although the empirical evidence for this is in front of our noses at every moment. It is also necessary to remember that, as with the example of Nicholas 2nd, the victors write the history and the victors in the western world have been pretty much the same people, the same force for the last thousand years, so we only know what they want us to know unless we research and think outside the box! Box? What box?

Crimea! Hardly just a peace of “rational” real estate!

As the operation to save Crimea got under way I innately understood that it was a matter of the deepest spiritual significance as well as a matter of rational justice as the population of Crimea had never wanted to be part of Ukraine and had held many referendums on reunifying with Russia already, all of which were ignored. I would leap out of bed every morning and turn on TV and computer praying that nothing would go wrong with the operation. I had many Ukrainian friends at the time who were furious, nearly all of whom I lost but I had no choice but to follow my conscience but also something deeper. I had no idea back then, like the vast majority of westerners, that Vladimir the Great, Founder of Kiev Rus, i.e. the founder of Russia, ancient and modern, had been baptised into Christianity in Crimea in 988. A year later he would have Russia symbolically baptised in a mass ceremony in the river Dniepr in Kiev. I now know that this event is one of the most important in world history and shaped the next millennium up till our present day. The rulers of the western world however, are and always were, absolutely aware of this fact and the actual physical strength and energy it gives Russia to be in Crimea which explains their historical obsession with trying to oust her from the peninsular. “Rational” geopolitical facts and questions of natural resources are important obviously but observation would seem to show that they come behind these historical, spiritual factors. The same applies to their obsession with Nicholas 2nd and Russia in general. The west wants Russia’s vast natural resources including seventy five percent of the world’s fresh water supply. Oh yes; it really wants all that but nonetheless it is Russia’s spiritual significance as, since the fall of Constantinople, the center of world Christianity that the west most wants to destroy. I seriously believe that even if she had no natural resources, the western elites would still have spent the last thousand years attacking her just the same.

It is now proven beyond any doubt that the so called “Russian Revolution” was a putsch financed by western private central bankers and governments or, what has become known in recent years as a colour revolution.

The Bolshevik putsch was by far the most massive and difficult to achieve for the west of all their colour revolutions past or present. A truly colossal, seventy year war of attrition fought, from inside and out on every possible front with every kopek that they could possibly muster and create out of nothing (but to be payed back with interest by western and then Soviet tax payers) and used for the funding of internal terrorist groups who would assassinate Tsar Alexander 2nd and literally countless ministers and civil servants, the creating, funding and encouraging of external enemies such as Japan and The Ottoman Empire. The systematic subversion of education, media, the armed forces, ethnic minorities and all social classes but being successful primarily with the upper classes and spectacularly unsuccessful with the peasantry. The systematic fermenting of civil unrest and the execution of false flag operations such as “bloody Sunday”. It then took the launching of what was at the time by far the most massive and deadly war the world had ever seen, a war in which, contrary to the western propaganda, the Russian army was very successful especially in 1916 and was moving to victory with the planned launching of their spring 1917 campaign which of course, never happened. It took three years of this war for Russia to fall.

Indeed, Not only was the Russian revolution a colour revolution, but the French one and the English civil war, (leading to the arrival of Cromwell in power and the creation of The Bank of England,) were too. These illegal coup d’etats were executed in order to wrest control of the money supply and the issuance of money from the state into the hands of private financiers. To achieve this they have usually had to overthrow monarchies.

Nothing in the material world gives more power to a man over his fellow men than if he has the control of the issuance of everybody elses’ money supply.

This fact has been successfully hidden from us by the tactic of creating false, opposing tribes and ideologies who then fight each other all the time borrowing money to do so at interest from the same private central bankers who have now gained control of our governments, educations systems, media and in the western world, fake religions. False conflicts they have created are Protestantism vs Catholicism. Left vs right. Socialism vs capitalism. Communism vs Fascism and on to feminism, gender politics, LGBTism and political correctness in general. All of the above movements were, if not created, then sized upon as useful, financed, promoted and promulgated by private central bankers in order to divide and rule. The most recent phase of this phenomenon through which we are still living started with the creation of the private, secretly controlled Bank of England after the overthrow and execution of the English monarch Charles the First. Essential viewing on this subject as it has played out over millienia can be found in William T Shill’s outstanding (must see and study) documentary: The Money Masters.

The west abandoned Christianity with the great schism 1054. The same period that Russia was being born into it!

Yes. I am inferring here that Catholicism, and various forms of Protestantism which grew out of it and largely in protest to it are not Christianity. I am not trying to insult over a billion Catholics and millions of Protestants around the world. Most of you are worshiping in innocence but: “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. The fruits of these western perversions as I shall call them of Christianity are: The systematic eradication of Orthodoxy throughout western Europe and in the British Isles, after the Papist, Norman invasion of England in 1066. The burning of the Catars, Rampant western imperialism in the form of crusades against Islam but also against Orthodox Byzantium. An imperialism that would later result in the extermination of millions of North American, Central American and South American Indians and Aborigines in the Antipodes. The destruction of and eradication from history of African civilizations and empires leading to the slave trade. Exploitation of the Indian subcontinent and its peoples. Constant war on China and the deliberate turning of millions of Chinese into heroin addicts. Rampant pedophilia and burning of the most beautiful young ladies as witches and the imposition of usury and fractional reserve banking on the world. A practice forbidden by all the world’s major religions. The fruits of orthodoxy are none of the above! Christians don’t behave like that and no orthodox countries from Russia to Ethiopia have been involved in such systemic evil. Orthodox countries and empires have most often been the victims of such evil. Russia, Ethiopia, Armenia and Serbia being prime examples. Don’t believe me? If you are reading this then you have a computer and internet so don’t take my word for it on this or on anything else. Do the research.

As more and more people began to question the dichotomy between the teachings of Christ and the behaviour of Catholic and Protestant countries then the elites of these countries began to promulgate the new, “progressive” idea of socialism as a “just” alternative but then turned it against the actual Christian world instead of the rampaging western imperialist fake Christian world which of course had given them and gives them their power over us to this day. This neat trick would allow them to conquer The Russian Empire and The Chinese Empire which they had not been able to do by the old fashioned means they used on Africa and the Americas.

It is since the time of the great schism that western populations have been bombarded by their leaders by anti Orthodox, anti Byzantine and anti Russian propaganda and the so called Russian revolution was the culmination of nearly a thousand years of attacks on Russia. As I have pointed out above and still contrary to popular belief, the main reason today as in the past for the West’s war on Russia remains religious. Dutch financial elite insider and whistle blower Ronald Bernard who was on the verge of entering the highest circle of the eight to eight and a half thousand people who, according to his testimony, actually run the world through the usury based financial system points out that ninety five percent of these people are not atheists, as I used to think, but follow what he refers to as an “unorthodox” religion. A religion that is the polar opposite, the antonym of Christianity. Insider film director Stanley Kubrik also showed us a very cleaned up version of what these people get up to in his last film “Eyes Wide Shut” and you won’t need me to tell you that these practices obviously didn’t start yesterday, or last year, or ten years ago or…….

On a secondary but totally interconnected level there are massive financial reasons too. By 1914 The Russian Empire remained the only major world power who’s central bank was not in the hands of the international private central banking cabal. (The USA which had enjoyed seventy five years of freedom from their clutches (Thanks to the truly astounding persistence and tenacity of president Andrew Jackson – yes, the one we never learned about at school) had fallen once more when The Federal Reserve was sneaked into existence through a bribed and half empty congress on the day before Christmas eve in 1913.) Thanks to all that, living standards in The Russian Empire had become much higher than those in debt enslaved Europe, especially for the lowest paid manual workers and disposable income was considerable. Please don’t forget that everything you have been taught about Imperial Russia is not only a lie but most of the time a one hundred percent truth inversion.

The western banking cabal was constantly trying to get control of the central bank of The Russian Empire and every Tsar, including Nicholas 2nd was steadfastly opposed. This is the true essence of anti imperialism! With the advent of the USSR this banking cabal was given control of its new central bank-Roskombank by Ulyanov and Bronstein (stage names; Lenin & Trotsky). Indeed one of its directors was a certain Max May, an employee a J.P. Morgan subsiduary company. In the west, The USA in particular, we were all taught that communism was the enemy and the greatest threat to our “democratic values” and “ way of life”. In reality the West put communism in Russia (followed by many other countries too) precisely because it hated The Russian Orthodox civilization and hated the Orthodox Monarchy and of course it wanted to control the issuance of money in massively wealthy Russia and to have the population as a captive market for western and not the home grown inventions and products that were outstripping even the super energetic USA of a hundred years ago. The west’s fear of communism was “fake news”.

When the west actually began to fear the USSR it was precisely at such moments when the thousand year old Russian world began, like new green shoots growing from submerged roots through the slab of concrete the west slammed on top of it in 1917, to resemble the old Russia that it was supposed to have buried forever. One such moment was after WW2; about 1947 when Stalin and the west who had been collaborating in the first twenty years of communist rule and during WW2 once operation Barbarossa got underway, fell out big time; almost certainly over something concerning the founding of Israel, in which he was certainly deeply involved, although I do not claim to know what exactly; and again in 1964 when Brezhnev and colleagues ousted Khrushchev who had transferred Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR thus paving the way for its inclusion into Independent Ukraine after the breakup of The USSR and thus fulfilling the western elites’ long held desire. Obviously the same is true since Vladimir Putin became president but especially when after six years of trying to court the west and to cooperate with it on a mutually advantageous and respectful basis, he began to signal, most notably in 2006 in a speech in Germany that Russia would go its own way if the west would not cooperate.

So we clearly see that it is the same financial masters of the western world attacking Russia today who were attacking her a century, two centuries ago and further back. In some cases the very same families. We also clearly see that they do not live in the “rational” industrial revolution, world that they have taught us to live in. They live in, operate in a world where they know that such an event as the baptism of Vladimir the Great in Crimea in 988 has actual significance and real, physical energy today. We don’t! They know that the Russian Tsars were anointed by God! The vast majority of us don’t believe that and even ridicule it! They know that the satanic murder of the, last Russian Tsar and his family was a spiritual catastrophe for the entire world of the most profound religious significance. Most of us think it was just a historical murder among many! They know what most of us don’t: that it was a catastrophe which they were behind and a catastrophe that they are determined must remain buried for us, we the people, but a catastrophe which was perhaps their greatest single victory over us and which has given them enormous power, energy and impetus throughout the twentieth century. Energy and impetus which does seem to be flagging now. Undoubtedly due to the resurgence of Christianity throughout the Russian world but also due to growing, albeit very slowly, repentance for the murder of the Russian royal Family. Again! They know that this repentance has absolute, tangible, physical energy which can transform our world and remove them from power and the very idea of it burns them as holy water burns a vampire! The vast majority of us still don’t know that and even resist knowing it! I lived most of my adult life in the “rational” industrial revolution world and I totally understand if you are having some difficulty in believing that the western elites live in a world of ancient symbolism and bloodlines, God vs the Devil where magic powers are as common to them as a screwdriver is to us. I also found it hard to accept. Just ask yourself one question. Who has all the power in this world? Us or them? Who is constantly starting wars and revolutions? Us or them? Who is, as I write. constantly channeling all wealth away from the people into their hands? Us or them? And then wonder why That murder represented the triumph of man’s arrogance over the will of God. It symbolised the destruction of the family! The Christian family and the family of all other faiths as the river of life that gives us foundation from which to go forward as well as connection to our forebears and ancestors. Specifically it symbolised the destruction of Christian civilization. Quite literally, the Bolshevik putsch would result in the destruction of millions of families due to arrest of parents, summary execution, deportations and collectivisation which resulted in huge numbers of homeless, orphaned children on the streets of Soviet towns and cities in the 1920s an 30s. The fate of these children is the subject of dark speculation and rumour to this day. As I mentioned earlier: this matter remains the most controversial and difficult to deal with for the people of Russia and the Russian world. There are a huge amount of Russian people who still believe in a general way the lies. Then there are the two flanks of the staunchly but always totally irrationally pro western, anti Russian Russians. One flank is “west worshiping liberals”, about whom I have already written at length, but the other, larger and more powerful flank are the Communists, Bolsheviks. Both these groups exhibit a virulent hatred of The Russian Orthodox Church and the Monarchy, especially Nicholas 2nd. I have been predicting for some time that they will end up joining forces as they agree totally on what they hate and it is that which gets them out of bed in the morning, not what they like. They are anti-, not pro-. This seems to be happening at the time of writing.

The situation in the Russian media is interesting. Over the years many, and some excellent, documentaries have been shown on mainstream channels explaining at least in “rational” terms the very favourable situation in which The Russian Empire found itself in at the beginning of the twentieth century. On the now ubiquitous political talk shows which have become so popular over the last five years and where the openness of discussion puts western equivalents absolutely to shame, this topic remains pretty much taboo however! If it does come up, then the host usually shouts it down or turns the conversation another way as fast as possible. I remember seeing a show that was devoted to this on the ninetieth anniversary of 1917 and the host concluded that he could not think of another country where events of ninety years earlier could cause such heated argument and even intense hatred of one another. Two years ago we had the hundredth anniversary and seemingly nothing had changed.

To coincide with the 100th anniversary a film was made, almost entirely at Russian tax payers expense called “Matilda”. A big budget film based on an alleged affair between Nicholas 2nd and a famous actress. In reality this film was simply an exercise in prolonging and rejuvenating the panoply of western, Bolshevik lies about the Sovereign who is now, together with his family, canonised as a saint. Some people began protesting and most notably the hugely popular; for her high profile role in the reunification of Crimea with Russia; Natalia Poklonskaya started a campaign to have the film banned and also to investigate what she with her prosecutor’s legal eye saw as the very murky financing of this propaganda exercise. The level of vitriol and ridicule she was subjected to was truly shocking. I have recently learned that she gave interviews on mainstream channels on her stance but that they were all pulled at the last moment. The film was not banned but neither was it promoted and after a loss making round of some cinemas has now sunk without trace. This represents a major victory for N.V. Poklonskaya but she paid a high price. On the hundredth anniversary of the Tsar’s murder she proposed a minute’s silence in honour of the holy martyrs, the former ruler of Russia and his family in the state Duma. (The Russian parliament) About seventy percent of the deputies refused to stand. All deputies had stood to welcome some delegates from the US Congress except Ms Poklonskaya who said “I will not stand for the sanctioners and plotters against Russia.” This year on the hundred and first anniversary ALL deputies stood to honour the royal family and this was shown on prime time news broadcasts. This marks another very great victory for Natalia Poklonskaya and for Russia and the world.

This also shows to those who may not be aware, just how sensitive this issue still is here in Russia. Why is this so when it would appear to be a simple question of reassessing historical facts in the light of new evidence and accepting the results. The human psyche however proves to be hugely susceptible to manipulation and invasion both individually and on a mass scale. As one very learned friend said to me a while ago, “The Russian Revolution is still not over.” As famous Russian historian and author Petr Multatuli wrote; “The level of unbridled but totally irrational hatred which is still poured onto Nicholas 2nd by some is proof that he is still a living force as nobody hates the dead with such an intensity!”

In 2017 The Society of the Double Headed Eagle was formed in Russia for the express purpose of undoing the web of lies by means of encouraging discussion and lectures on a local level and publishing books, articles and video material on real Russian history instead of the western version that was forced on the Russian world during Soviet times. They have set up offices and promote events in multiple towns and cities throughout the country. A contact in this organisation told me that they get no help from the government whatsoever but at the same time, the government does not hinder them in anyway. They said however that wherever they set up in Russia, the Communist Party of The Russian Federation is there trying to sabotage them by any means possible, sometimes verging on the edge of legality. I was told that they have concrete evidence that the communist party receives funding for these efforts from abroad. Yes! You guessed it folks: From the west! In other words the communist party of The Russian Federation is being financed by western powers just as a hundred and more years ago. I’m sure the west would rather see the communists in power, than the current leadership today but their true nightmare is the return of the real Russian “idea”. A return of traditional Holy Russia and of course above all: any reinstatement of the monarchy.

Russia is rising once again like a fire-bird from the flames of the twentieth century and for more than thirty years already Orthodox Christianity is resurgent after the holocaust it barely survived in the 1920s and 30s . In other words, their nightmare is coming true and they are determined to stop this at all costs. The lives of 298 innocent, unrelated people are just nothing for them. They have killed millions after all.

Even in the statistically unlikely event that MH17 being downed on the same date is a coincidence, it still gave the tragedy much greater energy that was ruthlessly and immediately seized upon by the western elites as anti Russian propaganda. Although not one Russian citizen was among the victims, it was quite literally an attack on Russia. I cannot help wondering whether it is the spiritual significance of this black date and continuing complications within Russian society concerning the murder of their royal family is one of the reasons why the Russian defense in front of the huge accusations made against them has been seemingly so lackluster and sometimes not coherent. Could it also be that the rulers of the western world knew that this would be the case? Others have put forward the theory that Russia doesn’t want to give away intelligence secrets or compromise operatives by saying “too much”. Time has passed now though and intelligence moves on fast. I suspect the former is closer to the mark.

So what would, should a GENUINE investigation into what happened to MH17 be investigating.

One fact which is clear for all of us to see, no legal training needed, is that the Governments of Ukraine, The USA , The UK and The Netherlands, backed up by Australia, Canada and most other NATO and EU countries are deliberately concealing evidence and hence obstructing the course of justice in a mass murder inquiry. That is already very serious and citizens of these countries should not tolerate this. The investigation must demand and make public the air traffic control recordings, that the black boxes are released for international inspection and that the US satellite info is also made public. A real investigation would have the power to interview those who were in power at the time in Ukraine, Australia, Holland, Great Britain, The US and of course Russia. Many of these people are no longer in office thus facilitating such a task but we all know that the chances of this ever happening are almost zero. Those who were in charge of the air traffic control throughout the Malaysian boeing’s ill fated flight must also be interviewed, especially the Ukrainian air traffic controllers. There are rumours that they have all disappeared somehow. There are of course many other technical details that only aviation and crash experts are capable of judging and assessing. What is for sure and hence worth repeating is that: 

Whatever happened to flight MH17, would not have happened if the west had not overthrown the legitimate government in Ukraine in February 2014 thus igniting a civil war that was always waiting to happen in this artificially created country, as part of their never ending war on Russia. A war that has absolutely zero benefit to any western populations but seems to be the overriding obsession of the western ruling elites!

There were an exceptional number of families aboard MH17 and eighty children many of them young. A family of six was lost, a family of five on the seventeenth day of the seventh month in 2014. On the seventeenth of the seventh month ninety six years earlier a family of seven was “lost” (that “magic” number again) in a cellar outside Ekaterinburg, Russia: a massacre which was supposed to bury the Christian family forever and Holy Russia too. Nicholas, Alexandra, Olga, Tatyana, Maria and Alexey. Neither the Christian family or Holy Russia are buried as it turns out. Could it be that both they and those passengers and crew of MH17 were victims of the same force for the same reason? The murdered Russian royal martyrs are vibrant with living energy whereas the moribund but “medically” alive “royal families” of Britain and Holland seem to be as dead in the water as the proverbial dodo! What goes around, comes around!

Eternal memory to The Russian Holy Martyrs, to all the millions of victims of that force and especially and including those of MH17 whose memory is still being sullied and desecrated by the west’s continuing use of their deaths as an anti Russian propaganda tool!



In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.” God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month. Noah’s ark and its eight passengers rested on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th of the seventh month (right in the middle of God’s annual Holy period known as the Feast of Tabernacles).

Jesus Christ gained a complete victory over death and the grave when He rose from the dead in the Hebrew month of Nisan, on the 17th day of the month.

In the book of 1Corinthians the thirteenth chapter, the seventeenth mention of the word ‘love’ comes when the apostle Paul states that it is the greatest gift of all (1Corinthians 13:13). God’s unending love (John 3:16) is truly victorious over all things. Those who stay faithful to God to the end of their lives will gain the victory over the grave when they are miraculously brought back to life (see 1Corinthians 15).

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