VIDEO: Holy Communion BANNED at Churches in Toronto Canada - TRANSCRIPT

Last night, we were told that the city forbade Holy Communion, and it looks like the persecution of the Church continues . . .

The State is actively persecuting the Church. If you are an Orthodox Christian living in Toronto, Canada, the government now forbids you to take Holy Communion.

This past Sunday, at a Greek Orthodox Church in Toronto, Canada, the priest told his congregation that the government had forbidden him to give them Holy Communion. As a result, he was so heartbroken that he wasn't able to preach a sermon either. The video excerpt is below, followed by a transcript:


"My brethren, today I have a great sadness. Last night, we were told from our Archdiocese that the city of Toronto forbade Holy Communion for the area of Toronto, and it looks like the persecution of the Church continues."

"I have no words to express my disappointment and my sadness, and I feel that I cannot share with you today any sermon, because I feel that I cannot talk about faith, about Christ.

"I feel that, at this moment, I will only want to ask from God to forgive us, to forgive our little faith, to forgive our weakness, to forgive us because we are not worthy to keep the great blessing of the Orthodox Faith. "

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