The Putin Diet: Kremlin Unveils the Head of State’s Culinary Preferences

The Russian president enjoys simple dishes but avoids baked goods, according to his press secretary

Originally appeared at: TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoys simple dishes but avoids baked goods, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper published on Tuesday.

When asked if there was any type of culinary dish that the president couldn’t stand, Peskov said: "I know nothing of such products. He has very simple food preferences and he surely doesn’t turn cuisine into some kind of cult. He eats ordinary food, but he does try to avoid baked goods."

The interviewers also put the spotlight on the unusual clothes that Putin wore during his weekend away in the Siberian taiga, and asked if the head of state followed fashion trends. "He doesn’t care much about it," Peskov replied. "You know, the suits and shirts that he wears look practically the same. However, you can’t wear a shirt to the taiga, it’s cold out there. So let’s put it this way: his attire depends on where he is," the Kremlin spokesman pointed out, adding that Putin did not have a personal fashion designer.

Peskov also told reporters that Putin’s recent vacation getaway was not the first time that the president had driven a cross-country vehicle. "Like most men, he likes to drive. However, given his position, he has few opportunities to get behind the wheel. But he does enjoy driving various vehicles when the opportunity arises," the presidential press secretary noted.

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