Extraordinary Life Story: From Soviet Veteran to Priest, Father of 70 Children (Video)

Don't worry, most of them were adopted from orphanages all over Russia

Father Nikolay Stremsky is an extraordinary man who has dedicated his life towards taking care of orphaned children. Through his efforts, he was able to build an Orthodox village outside of Orenburg and opened his home to 70 children.

A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Father Stremsky knew from an early age that he wanted to have a large family and that he wanted to build a church. He succeeded in doing both.

The journey was fraught with uncertainty and difficulty, but in the end Father Stremsky succeeded. His faith in God and call to work wrought a miracle.

And while his story is certainly extraordinary, Father Stremsky is part of a greater trend- a renaissance of Orthodox faith in Russia.

A touching video, just watch:

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