A Christmas Concert By Russian Children in Rostov the Great

It is called "inclusive", because children with special needs (disabilities) also take part in the action. 

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On January 12, 2020, the Rostov Veliky Theater hosted a Christmas performance organized by the Rostov deanery with the support of the Orthodox Initiative grant project. The performance received very good reviews.

The studio is called:

Bright Stars — Rostov the Great's Inclusive Orthodox Studio Theater for Children  

It is called "inclusive", because children with special needs (disabilities) also take part in the action. 

Our production was called “Moroz Ivanovich”. We started rehearsing in September and worked on choreography (dancing), acting, and singing. There were three groups, including the main actors, the small side characters, and also a choreographic group of older girls.

The children liked this work, finding it both interesting and difficult. Everyone did their best, and the performance turned out beautifully.

I’m sure the children got a lot of unforgettable impressions, and they have something to tell their friends about, something to laugh at, something to rejoice at, although they probably understood that the expression “the life of a national artist is hard and plain” is in many ways true.

I myself am delighted with the work done. Actually, I really like the theater and theatrical activities. I think that the main thing in a theatrical production is to convey to people the truth, kindness, to make sure that a person leaves the play  with only good, warm feelings.

I would like to thank the Dean of the Rostov parishes - Archpriest Roman Krupnov with mother Irina, our director Svetlana Viktorovna Evstafyeva, mentors, parents and the actors themselves. Over these six months, we have become good friends and rallied into a large, friendly family. And thankfully, the audience seemed to be quite pleased with the performance. 

Source: Orthodox Rostov (Russian)

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