American Veteran Fights His Last Fight for the Russian Faith

But Paul Payer is about much more than his veteran status and his sacrifice to defend his nation.

Paul Payer Tweets from a bed, a stretcher, or from the lonely seclusion of deadly sickness looking out a window – he messages a concern we all share – that Russia’s end will spell the end of peace and spirituality.

Originally appeared at: Our Russia

This week I’ve been tightly focused on trying to get the word out about a new book.

The media war raging in between the globalists and truth seekers seeking a better way, it singes us all whether we know it or not.

However, underneath the blackened surface of our humanity individuals still hurt, suffer, and sometimes perish before their time.

The following is a short story about a soldier, a friend, and an America who loves Russia for the most appropriate reason.

Reverence for the Romanov dynasty in Russia has not waned
Reverence for the Romanov dynasty in Russia has not waned

Before I tell you about my friend Paul Payer, let me get a couple of things out of the way. First, Paul is one of the pro-Russia activists some have labeled a “Kremlin Troll” because of his vehemence in defending against the lies about Russia.

Labelling, as is so often the case, is a guttural mechanism for tidying up what we do not understand. I will not link to my book here, if you want to read about Paul and these others, Putin’s Praetorians is easy enough to find.

And on a second note, while Paul and the rest of us have already been attacked by lower-level minions of the great hegemony beast, mentioning think tank pawns in the same breath as Paul would be a kind of sacrilege. Once you’re done reading here, you’ll understand why. So, let me continue.

I met Paul Payer on Facebook initially. I remember looking at the way he illuminated Facebook and the rest of social media with imagery and ideas straight out of Holy Russia, rare pictures of the slain Tsar and his family, holy icons, and with stories of the Russia that was and that might have been.

These days Paul does most of this “sharing” from the confines of a hospital bed, and when he is lucky from a small table beside a window looking out onto the tiny village of Espelkamp, Germany.

Paul is stricken with something known as Cardio-Obstructive-Pulmonary-Lung-Disease (COPD), which I am sure he contracted while handling some nasty munitions while in the Army, even though he lays off blaming his country. COPD, for those who are unfamiliar, is a chronic disease that makes it difficult or impossible to breathe. Most people will more easily recognize the forms of chronic bronchitis or emphysema, but in Stage IV COPD the disease is more akin to being smothered to death in a plastic bag than a clinical ailment.

I’ve known all along of Paul’s fight with the disease, but our most recent conversation stunned me. You see Paul is not your typical disabled veteran. On a given day he can be caught Tweeting or sharing historic images right before or after a session on the parallel bar or at his home gym where he fences with COPD through physical fitness and the strictest diet you ever heard tell of.

But he would detest me telling people about his illness. He'll scold me for telling you of his efforts to help charities like the Decany Monastery Relief Fund and others. Paul is a humble guy, you see. 

Crimea's now famous prosecutor marches with the saints
Crimea's now famous prosecutor marches with the saints

 The town of 25,000 Paul lives in sits smack dab in the middle of nowhere North Rhine-Westphalia. The place is only famous for being on the site of the old Nazi army-Ammunition depot Lübbecke where Hitler’s intended making grenades filled with the deadly nerve gas Tabun.

I mention this for effect and the irony, given the fact Paul served as a Captain in the US Army Ordnance Corps in Iraq during Operation Provide Comfort in 1991.

But Paul Payer is about much more than his veteran status and his sacrifice to defend his nation.

Paul Payer is a spiritual human being, someone to be counted in the legions of the almighty. And it is in this we can more easily understand not just Paul, but the ongoing encroachments against Russia.

While I have not the intention to make this story about Orthodox Christianity and the climax of human conflict, Paul Payer’s situation and his seemingly insignificant deeds bear witnessing.

For the same reason, I asked Paul to contribute to Putin’s Praetorians, the man is a fixture too.

He’s a fixture of a deeper manifestation of pro-Russia support, Orthodoxy. Let me quote Paul from his contribution to our book. Here he speaks of the time he was still in the military and when the Soviet empire had just crumbled:

“At this time, Russia was also a fascination.  At the fall of the Soviet Union, while still in the military, I had studied the Tsar and any new info I could find.

 I was enthralled by the rise of the Orthodox Church once again, in its journey to become a lynch pin once again of Russian society. 

I almost broke my ribs laughing though when I’d read that the Church had glorified the last Tsar and family as Saints. 

So, I researched it, re-reading among others Dr. Sutton, the newest cross-referenced findings out of the old Soviet Archives, Russian and then General Eastern Orthodox Church history and doctrine, etc.”

In this section, Paul goes on to express his desire to convert to Orthodoxy and his reverence for the Holy Royal Martyrs Romanov as saints of the highest. The astute among you will understand here.

The man the paid henchmen of the godless western oligarchs call a “troll”, he’s really a soldier of something far bigger than any new world order.

I’ll admit here, I recognized Paul as the perfect “Praetorian” simply for this reason.

Should the “empire” ever attack after this book, the real identities among Praetorians would be the obliterating sword against their skullduggery.

That said, the friend who enlightens us with truths about the Romanovs and the real Russia, he’s deathly ill now.

The Romanovs
The Romanovs

Since my story of the so-called “Kremlin Trolls” came out, I’ve been head down trying to publicize it so that more people could get a truer picture of the most virulent pro-Russia support. But Paul has been nowhere to be found!

A Facebook message, a Tweet or ten, an Email or two, and “no Paul” – even engrossed in book publicity I got scared.

Finally, Paul answered me from an emergency clinic near his village. The gravity of his message hit me like a sledgehammer.

Explaining he had no bandwidth to really communicate, Paul pecked out to ask me for my prayers that he be converted to Russian Orthodoxy quickly.

Please grasp this my friends.

My comrade did not ask me to pray for his life, he begged me to pray the Russian Orthodox Bishop would see to his baptism. I have since mailed his excellency myself, but here is the most poignant part of Paul’s communique to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia:

“I have degraded this year though, to the point where I fear hope for improvements are too late.

I am now somewhat confined in travel possibilities and then only with oxygen supplies.

I do not think that I have much time left.”

I have not heard from Paul since this message two days ago. For those of you who do not know him on social media, if you visit his profile you mostly find connective strings to a higher existence.

You’ll find @actionScript3  shares of some of our articles or Tweets and a great many RTTV stories, but mostly you find his effort to connect to God.

You’ll see a melancholy retroactive, a tapestry of the Russia that might have been – and the fabric every Russian holds onto – the possibility their nation always had.

This is what the think tank analysts and manmade academic experts fail to glean about Russia, the Tsar, and the remnants of Britain’s “Great Game” still at play.

But for people like Paul (or me or Putin), God is at the center of this current fight. I’ll let that sink in.

Paul Payer Tweets from a bed, a stretcher, or from the lonely seclusion of deadly sickness looking out a window – he messages a concern we all share – that Russia’s end will spell the end of peace and spirituality.

In the “west” the agnostic and atheist movement is aligned with the great dark force. Anyone who went to Sunday school can see it.

You can see it in the slings and arrows aimed at decent human beings like Paul Payer by familiar curmudgeons of NATO, the globalists, the ousted Russian mafiosos, and the desperate western oligarchs.

While I offer my prayers and this praise for my friend Paul Payer, I am at the same time grateful he and I agreed to the goal of the Praetorians. We are dedicated to revealing the ages-old lie. Good shall prevail, and those who speak against good should hang their heads.

God bless you, Paul. May you overcome this devastating illness once again.

“Only truly free exchanges of perspectives and accurate information and news can thwart the endless bloodletting of Imperial wars, and lead to the restoration of some semblance of justice and restoration of the Republic.

  Only these will stop the blood-letting now going on…” – Paul Payer, Putin’s Praetorians

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