Russian Priest Who Fought Sorcerers and the Devil for a Soul and Won (Part 2)

Editor's Note: This article was generated by machine translation, so our staff cautions the reader about possible inaccuracies that may have resulted from this. However, it was deemed worthwhile to still publish such a piece because of the intrinsic value of the message - which remains evident even in its translated form.

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Parallel episode

Here, dear reader, I am reminded of a parallel episode that a patient in a Moscow hospital told me about. A priest from a village near Moscow, in which a certain woman lives, had recently, at her relatives' request, given an eulogy to a dead man and was lying on his bed in the parish house[3] that same evening, getting ready for bed. From this spot he could see the front door of the house. Suddenly he saw the big, long hook, on which they usually locked the front door in country houses, suddenly, as if thrown away by an invisible hand, jump out of the metal hinge and to the side, and the door ... swung wide open. On the threshold appeared a shaggy creature (demons can appear in any guise, this time he appeared in this form). The demon approached the priest resting on the bed, thrust his paws under him, lifted his body above the bed, and whispered menacingly in his ear: "You herd your own, but don't touch mine."

And tossed him back onto the bunk. The priest, as he later confessed, could not move an arm or a leg from horror.

In the morning he began to question the relative who had arranged for the burial of the deceased:

- Who have we buried?

And she was finally forced to confess that her relative had committed suicide. But this information she withheld from the priest, rightly assuming that otherwise he would not be able to read the funeral service of the deceased.

A suicide, by definition, goes to hell. The priest, unsuspecting of anything, performed his funeral with a plea to God to rest him in heavenly abodes with the saints... And an angry demon appeared to him in reality to assert his rightful prey.

I mean, I want to note that any normal person to confront this evil force is panic-stricken. But Basil the Great was not of the timid, but on the contrary, repeatedly, asked all those present to raise their hands to the heavens and strengthen their prayers...

After a while, before everyone's eyes, a sheet of paper suddenly began to glide out from under the dome of the temple and fell directly into the hands of Venerable Basil. When Basil the Great looked at the contents of the note on the sheet, he rejoiced, gave thanks to God, and then addressed the young man aloud to everyone:

- Do you, child, know this receipt?

The young man admitted:

- Yes, saint of God, this is my receipt; I wrote it with my own hand.

Immediately Basil the Great tore it apart in front of everyone and led the young man to the ambo and gave him the communion of the Divine Mysteries. Afterwards, after instructing the young man and indicating the proper rules of life, he returned him to his wife, who did not stop praising and thanking God...

Returning to Our Time

The hero of our story, Father Alexei, retold this episode from the life of St. Basil the Great to his new acquaintance, a Satanist teacher, and repeated it:

- God's mercy is greater than any sin. Get away from your Satanist cronies, or it won't end well for you.

She broke off with the demon worshippers, ran away from them, Father Alexei hid her for some time in a safe house. Then she almost " went crazy", apparently, in invisible domains for her was fierce, invisible battle. She would go back to her accomplices. The priest had to fetch her repeatedly.

As I was told by other servants of the temple where then Father Alexey served, at that time on the church grounds one could unexpectedly find murdered (hung) cats, observe the spontaneous combustion of stacks of boards used to repair church buildings... And in the very sanctuary outside the liturgy time one would notice Father Alexey kneeling before the altar of God, praying long and devotedly.

Test of charms

But, to be fair, when the priest was about to lead the teacher out of the depths of the satanic sect, she probably felt sorry to give up the mystical power she had gained. Once again, she was testing her supernatural powers, magic charms, looking at a passing car on the road, and after a few seconds, his engine cut out, it stopped ... She looked at the burning candle - and the candle went out.

The teacher did not grin merrily:

- I can still do something.

A sorceress in my house

The next time, when late in the evening father Alexei met again with his familiar teacher satanist in one of Moscow's streets, she was almost hysterical and cried.

He thought, "Well, really, don't leave her here alone in the middle of the city, in the evening streets of Moscow."

And suggested:

- Well, let's go to my place to spend the night.

After these words she immediately calmed down. This again alerted the priest. It was as if that was what she wanted. Then, in hindsight, he remembered it. In the meantime, they drove to his house.

Because of the large number of children (Father Alexei had more than ten children), Father Alexei's family received two apartments from the Moscow authorities. Both were located on one floor of the stairs. Between them - a common vestibule and an additional common door.

"My family," Father Alexei recalls, "was staying at the dacha at the time. He sent his guest to sleep in the left apartment and went to the right one. He locked the door behind him and left the key in the keyhole just in case (even if she hypothetically found a copy of the key, it would be impossible to open the door from outside when he was there).

He went to bed in high spirits. In the morning, he woke up in the same cheerful mood, washed his face and prayed. He went to wake up his overnight guest for breakfast. He walks up to his front door (which he had carefully locked the night before), and it was... wide open... wide open.

He rings the doorbell for his nocturnal visitor. After much ringing, the door finally opens, and the night guest - as if she has no face on her - looks as if she spent the entire night without sleep and in a struggle.

Father Alexei again pretended not to notice anything... I am amazed at his self-control: like Stierlitz, he did not give away his inner state with a single muscle. And I am surprised at his generosity: how many of us can find such people who can bring a well-known sorceress to their house and not be afraid that she will put something in there, sprinkle, spell... And soon his family was to return there: children - from small to large - and the wife.
But the Almighty, apparently, sought a way to save His lost sheep through the generous heart of His servant.

Again, Father Alexei, without asking the night guest for an explanation, invited her to his half for breakfast. After that he took her where she asked.

Aleister Crowley

After a while, our hero got hold of a book by Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley is the founder of modern Satanism (I was surprised when I found out what books our priest was reading), he lived in the XX century, was a friend of the Beatles, for example. On the cover of one of their albums, called "Sergeant Pepper," among other characters cute to the group is a portrait of Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley was friends with the musicians of Led Zeppelin and others. The author of the Harry Potter book does not hide the fact that she took some pages of her character's life from the biography of this famous demon worshipper.

And so Father Alexei, reading Aleister Crowley's book, gets to the words: he who practices magic can open doors without the aid of keys (with the help of his invisible helpers, demons).

Father drops the book, calls the Satanist teacher, retells Aleister Crosley's revelation, and asks:

- Is it true?

She confirms:

- Yes.

- "And you, can you?" - Father Alexei continues to interrogate.

- "I can" - she answers.

- "And then," he said, "when you spent the night in my apartment, did you open the door?"

- "Yes," she had to admit.

And she told him that she had received another assignment from her Satanist friends about an Orthodox priest. She sneaked into his apartment at night, leaned over him as he slept... And after standing like that for a long time, she didn't dare to do anything. But, judging by the state in which Fr. Alexei found her in the morning, it is clear that this inaction was not given to her easily, as if she spent the night in a struggle...

A surprising confession

Later on, when Fr. Alexey and his ward witch-teacher became if not friends then at least close, the priest confessed to her that at the moment when, after the consecration of her apartment, she sent demons upon him in the form of transparent creatures that loomed menacingly over him, he never felt greater fear in his life. And she confessed to him in return that at that moment she felt no less fear, because at that time behind Fr. Alexei she suddenly saw ... two... menacing... figures.

Probably behind his back two of his protectors, two angels, appeared and became visible to her. A guardian angel and someone else.

Fr. Alexei concluded his story before us, students of theological institute, with the words: "It is a great blessing that you and I belong to Orthodoxy. Because they can do anything to anyone, but to us (meaning those who go to the Orthodox Church every week, confess, take communion, pray to God every day) - nothing.

Black mark

A few weeks later, when I once again went to see Fr. Alexei to verify whether I had written down everything correctly in this story, he made a few more important additions.

He told me that recently, because our heroine had broken with the Satanists and left them (my father had managed to wrest her from the clutches of this gang), they decided to take revenge and sent her a black mark, which she found in her mailbox. In the language of the servants of the devil, this meant that they had sentenced her to death for treason.

From Siberia, a high-ranking magician, sorcerer, or shaman (I don't remember exactly what he was called now) named Nikolai flew in on his own plane to carry out the sentence.

In those same days, Father Alexei, not realizing all of this, simultaneously invited this teacher he knew, a former sorceress, to the church for the Sacrament of Confession. This confession was to take place on Saturday. And when the teacher entered the church and came to the lectern, where Fr. Alexey was waiting for her, she looked up and saw something there that startled her greatly, she turned around and rushed away. The priest caught up with her, forced her back to the lectern, and warned her:

- This is not the way to do it. You promised me that you would repent of your sins and go through the Sacrament of Confession. And until you do that, until your sins are forgiven, I won't let you go anywhere.

She confessed. And she left the temple with a sense of relief.


During the same days Alexey took her to the exorcism, to Fr. Anthony (name changed), whose report on the Orthodox forum about the victims of Satanists we spoke about above. This is one of the few priests who has the blessing to perform the exorcism of possessed people. Although he (by his own admission) tries not to use this blessing unnecessarily and does not like to do it.

Fr. Antony was then serving in a small temple. And there he was, standing in front, at the ambo, like a fiery Seraphim, all absorbed in prayer. And our heroine, the teacher, was at the front door of the temple. And when the priest, in the middle of his prayers, turned around again and made the sign of the cross over the teacher, she stood at the door with her eyes closed, unaware of what he was doing, and recoiled from him as if she was being scorched by an invisible flame and was in agony. She stood with her back almost to the front door, her eyes closed, and groped the door behind her with her palms, trying to open the lock without being seen, trying to jump out. The temple workers, knowing from previous experience that such things could happen, locked the temple doors for the duration of the exorcism and removed the key from the lock.

Unexpected outcome

And now, several days after this Sabbath confession and exorcism, on the next Wednesday, our heroine-teacher is informed by her former satanist friends that the one who came to execute her was run over by a car and with a severe head injury was taken by ambulance to the Sklifosovsky Institute.

Fr. Alexei asked his military acquaintances to check this information through their own channels.

After a short time they confirmed that indeed a man named Nikolai was admitted to Sklifosovsky Institute on Wednesday with craniocerebral trauma from an automobile accident and died several days later without regaining consciousness.

In conclusion, Fr. Alexei asked this teacher, whom he had rescued from the clutches of Satanists:

- But now do you understand who might have been hit by this or the other machine, or happened to him something even more terrible, if you had not undergone the rites of exorcism and the Sacrament of Confession?

- I understand - she nodded.


Fr. Antony, who administered the Rite of Confession to our heroine, noted in the same report that in recent years, former and current practicing Satanists have been coming to their rehabilitation center. Not all of them have yet been able to leave these sects for fear of retaliation. But it is interesting to observe that if a Satanist not only breaks with his sect, but also accepts Orthodoxy and becomes a convinced church-going person, then his former accomplices for some reason do not persecute him, but leave him alone. Orthodoxy becomes the best defense against the vengeance of Satanists.

This report was given at an Orthodox forum several years ago, and the story of our heroine, a young teacher, took place in the early 2000s. Apparently, the Moscow Satanists, having encountered the story of a high-ranking shaman who flew in from Siberia on a private plane to execute the traitor and died himself unexpectedly, and perhaps having witnessed other similar cases where God stood up for the repentant, those who left Satanic sects for Orthodoxy, decided no longer to risk making an exception for such, not to pursue them and not to take revenge on them. Because, otherwise, it may turn out, as they say, "more expensive".

On the Internet you can find a video clip[4] in which a former Satanist, a high-ranking sorcerer living in the USA, in New York, speaks frankly about himself. Demons appeared to him in real life, he talked to them and even called the devil Daddy. He admits that he put a curse on people, could put on any person (at a distance, with the help of his invisible helpers) any disease (people sick with cancer, leprosy, went crazy), could put the selected victim in prison, to kill in a few weeks or even in one night.

He boasted that he could do anything to an atheist, a Muslim, or even a Christian, as long as he was one only in name but did not go to church regularly and did not pray to God daily. And only with a Christian who attended weekly services in the temple, who prayed to God daily, who had a constant connection with God - only with such a person could he do nothing.

And to conclude, I will once again recall the phrase Fr. Alexei used to conclude his story before the theology students about the rescue of the Satanist's soul:

"It's a great blessing that you and I belong to Orthodoxy, because they can do anything to anyone, but to us (those who go to church every week, confess, receive communion, have a daily connection with God through prayer) - NOTHING."

Source: (Russian)

[1] In one of the articles of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" a figure of about 20 thousand was published. But the well-known sectologist Leonid Dvorkin (sometimes asked to comment on any events related to religion and sects on Channel One's Vremya program), whom I asked to evaluate this data, said he thought this estimate was exaggerated.

[2] See, for example, the RIA NEWS article:

[3] A residential building in the complex of a parish church, intended for permanent residence of the clergy with their families.


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