Russian Priest Who Fought Sorcerers and the Devil for a Soul and Won (Part 1)

Editor's Note: This article was generated by machine translation, so our staff cautions the reader about possible inaccuracies that may have resulted from this. However, it was deemed worthwhile to still publish such a piece because of the intrinsic value of the message - which remains evident even in its translated form.

When my comrades and I were studying at the Orthodox Svyato-Tikhonovsky University for the Humanities in the Department of Theology, the curator of our group once asked us: who would we like to meet with famous priests? In our fantasies about who to invite, we reached as far as legendary, visionary elders. But the legendary ones for our group, apparently, did not have time, and came to visit us an ordinary Moscow priest (I will change his name, then you will understand - why, we will call him father Alexei). And we asked him to tell us the most interesting, perhaps even stunning story from his priestly practice.

Father Alexei did not take long to beg.

This story began in the city of Magadan when a young married couple from Moscow arrived there. The wife had just graduated from a pedagogical institute and had arrived in Magadan for her internship. They rented a room from some old lady. The grandmother walks around like a dandelion, whispering something to herself...

And suddenly the old lady fell ill. Yes, so severely that she fell ill and kind of even going to die. She gestures to a Moscow lodger passing by her room, saying, "Come closer, I want to tell you something. The lodger approaches. The old woman again makes a sign to her: bend over, I want to tell you in your ear. The girl bends over the sick woman and suddenly - where did the dying old woman get her strength and energy? - She tears off her amulet, which was hanging around her neck, and with a string, like a noose, she promptly ties it around the neck of her resident and begins to strangle her.

At the same time she offers:

- Take it... Or I'll strangle you.

And the stunned teacher does not understand why she should accept.

But she was faced with a choice: either accept the unknown or be strangled. Later, remembering, she explained that at that moment she was still a little bit curious about what would follow... In general, the tenant-teacher agreed to the dying woman's ultimatum.

Continuation of this story followed already in Moscow. When two young, familiar with each other women came to Fr. Alexey for confession. One was for the first time, the second was not for the first time. And the young woman asked the priest to come and additionally consecrate her apartment after the confession.

The priest was alarmed. In the course of his practice (albeit not very long at the time), it had never happened that a neophyte (that is, someone who was taking his first steps in the Church) would wish to take almost the full range of steps in the next few days: to go to confession, and to consecrate his home... Again, the priest was wary, but, as he later explained, "If asked, it is his duty to come and do it."

At the indicated address

Father Alexei arrived at the address and blessed the apartment. The landlady set the table with some viands, treats to celebrate the event. She is serving the priest, they are having a nice conversation, smiling, celebrating...

Suddenly he looks up at her and sees that instead of her eyes, she has two burning flasks (Father expressed it figuratively: "flasks," as I understand it, like saucers, that is, extremely dilated eyes). And out of them pours a cold, fierce... hatred. Out of any context with everything that had gone before.

Father Alexei recalls: "I became, to put it mildly, uncomfortable ... I try to keep up the dialogue, but at the same time I try to remember my prayers to myself. I look up at her again - again, those "flasks", again, cold, fierce hatred... And suddenly some transparent entities separate from her and begin to advance on me."

My university mates and I, trying to understand correctly, find out, "Father, but how could you see this something foreign, if you say that it was transparent?" - Father Alexei explains, "But how do we see transparent drops? And there was something here that looked like huge drops, the size of a fist. They were all shimmering, walking around and slowly coming at me."

The priest confesses: "I have never experienced a greater fear in my life. But I've never had a hotter prayer, either. Only at that moment I could not remember a single prayer, more or less long, even the simplest one, like "Our Father". I tried to read "Hail Mary, Mother of God". He read it almost backwards. Only, - he said, - "Lord, have mercy!" to myself incessantly repeating.

Suddenly father Alexei noticed that these entities which appeared in such a form, all overflowing and shifting, did not reach him, as if an invisible obstacle blocked their path, an invisible wall. And he knows intuitively that fear [on their part] also prevented them from reaching their destination.

Then, for the third time, he looked at his mistress: "Look," he said,"and she already has a normal face, normal eyes. She pretended that nothing had happened." He pretends that he didn't notice anything. He continues to carry on the conversation for a while.

Finally, Father Alexei notices:

- It's late. It's dark outside the windows. It's time for me to go home.

She replies:

- I'll accompany you.

If I had been offered the service of escorting a well-known sorceress, I would have decided that she needed it only in order to downstairs, in the dark staircase, as the first president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev said: "Begin and deepen the begun". She would hit him on the back of the head with something, what more good could you expect from a sorceress? But the priest (I'm surprised at his generosity) agrees...

As you have probably already guessed, the Moscow tenant, with whom this story began in the city of Magadan, who took from the dying old woman something unknown, and the landlady of the Moscow apartment, who invited the priest to consecrate her dwelling, - this is one and the same person.

The dying grandmother from Magadan, where she rented a room, turned out to be a sorceress, and sorceresses can't just die until they hand over their power and their invisible helpers-demons. Before she died she handed them over to her lodger, a trainee teacher from Moscow.

And when this teacher-practitioner returned to the capital, she joined a satanic sect here. And by the time she met Father Alexei she had already reached some rank in its hierarchy, but not the last step.


One day she received a task from Moscow Satanists: to lure an Orthodox priest to his home and put him to sleep with clopheline (by mixing it in his food).

At that time, two accomplices, two Satanist sect members, were waiting for her downstairs in the car, near the entrance. At her signal, they were to go upstairs to her apartment, undress the priest, take pictures of him in an obscene state in bed with a woman, a role I understand she was supposed to play. To defame both the Orthodox priest and the Church.

Capital Satanists

Some experts claim that there are thousands of Satanists in Moscow alone [1]. During the "Black Mass" they commit ritual murders not only of animals, but also of people. They can sacrifice both adults and children.

At one of the orthodox forums, the priest Anthony Berezin (name changed - Auth. Comm.), who, inter alia, rehabilitates former members of satanic groups, made a report that dozens of Satanic organizations with over two thousand members are active in Moscow, where the darkest forms of occultism are cultivated: worship of evil, initiation of youth into drugs, various sinful practices, perversions, ritual and contract killings ...

Members of Satanic organizations testify that recently Satanists gathered at large apartments in Moscow, particularly near the hotel "Ukraine", and carried out their bloody rites. Most of the victims were sucklings, abandoned infants, who were ransomed (or kidnapped) from maternity homes and orphanages. Some of the babies were ritually murdered, and some were used "for parts" and for the rejuvenation of rich scum, including those who came from abroad. In occultism there is a belief that if a person washes himself in the blood of a murdered baby, he is rejuvenated and healed of illnesses.

Satanists kill (sacrifice) not only infants, but also adults [2]. So that is probably not the worst thing they could do to an Orthodox priest, the hero of our story, Father Alexei.

But since the other character of this story, the teacher-practitioner from Moscow, accepted the witch's power from the dying witch involuntarily, she didn't even think about anything like that before, so she probably still had some remorse and some moral guidelines. And she, assuming that the Satanists on duty downstairs at her doorstep would not simply allow a Church servant to pass by their "post," really wanted to see him off.

Under the control of his new acquaintance, Father Alexei was able to get past the "ambush" of the demon worshippers unharmed.

An example from the life of a saint

Later, the priest met with the witch teacher more than once. If they did not become friends, at least they became close. Father Alexei persuaded her:

- Leave your Satanist friends, go away from them. Otherwise it won't end well for you.

- "I can't", she sighed doomfully, "God won't forgive me".

Apparently, she had already done something quite serious in this sect.

Father Alexei encouraged her by saying that God's mercy is greater than any sin. He gave as an example an episode from the life of St Basil the Great in which there is a narration how a certain young man who lived at the time of Basil the Great (IV century) in his own city fell in love with the senator's daughter at whom he was a servant (the original text even says - a slave) and dreamed of marrying her. But in those days, such a socially unequal marriage was impossible.

The image of the girl did not leave the young lover's mind. And he decided to resort to one last resort: going to the local witch doctor and asking him for help.

The sorcerer, when he arrived, asked one question:

- Are you ready to give up Christ?

- I am willing to do that, too, just to get what I want, replied the unhappy man.

- "You can help your grief", the sorcerer concluded, "but to do that you must go to the cemetery at night and start summoning the one who... (talking between us) will not be remembered by night."

The young man went to the pagan cemetery, and there the evil spirits appeared to him and escorted him to their prince - the devil, who sat on a high throne.

- What do you want? - The enemy of the human race asked the young man.

He explained.

The devil asked the same crucial question:

- Do you renounce your Christ?

- "I do," the young man affirmed.

- "You may fulfill your desire," explained the devil, "and make her love you as much as you love her, but then your soul will belong to me after your death."

The young man, blinded by passion, agreed.

The devil continued:

- All you sons of men, when you need something, you agree to anything. But when you get what you ask for, you betray me, you deny me. Write a receipt stating that you voluntarily renounce Christ and baptism and promise to be mine forever. And from the day of judgment you will suffer eternal torment with me.

The poor man signed everything that was required of him.

Then the destroyer of men's souls (the devil) sent demons of adultery, and they excited in the maiden such a strong love for this young man that she, inflamed with carnal passion, fell to the ground and began to cry out to her father:

- Have pity on me, have pity on your daughter, and give me in marriage to our servant, whom I have loved with all my strength.

But her pious father, the senator, who before this, as it turned out, had visited holy places and had even intended to give his daughter to one of the monasteries to serve God (then, we note, the devil, the original hater of good, had aroused in this servant an ardent passion for his master's daughter), when he heard this, he was horrified and cried out:

- Woe to me, a sinner! What has happened to my daughter? Who has seduced my child? Who stole my treasure from me? Why do you, my child, disgrace me? I wanted to betroth you to the Bridegroom in heaven so that you might be like the angels and glorify God in spiritual songs, but you want to marry my servant? Do not disgrace your noble rank! That will never happen in life!

She, however, ignoring her parent's exhortation, kept repeating one thing:

- If you do not do as I wish, I will lay hands on myself.

Against this argument her father's loving heart could not find anything else to say. Soon they were married, and in time the young wife began to notice that her husband never went to church (which at that time, not unlike ours, was considered out of the question). And if he went there sometimes, he certainly never took communion. The young wife questioned the reason for her husband's unusual behavior. In the end, he was forced to confess everything.

Terrified, the senator's daughter ran to Basil the Great, who, fortunately for them, was also living in their city at the time, and told all the unsightly details about her chosen one.

St. Basil summoned this young brat to his temple and inquired:

- Is this true?

He nodded affirmatively.

- Do you want to turn again to our Lord Jesus Christ? - the saint asked.

- "Even if I wanted to, I couldn't," the senator's son-in-law answered sadly.

- Why not? - Basil asked.

- Because I have signed to renounce Christ and surrender myself to the devil.

- "Do not grieve about it," Basil reassured him, "for God is a lover of mankind and accepts the repentant."

St. Basil locked up the young man in one of the rooms in the church fence. He put him and himself on a strict fast. He ordered him to pray intensely in addition. And he himself got up to pray. After three days, he visited the penitent and asked through the door:

- How do you feel, child?

He replied:

- Lord, demons have surrounded me on all sides, beating me and I am afraid they will kill me.

Some time later, after more long prayers, Archbishop Basil again asked him a question:

- What about now? What is going on with you?

He reports:

- Thank God, my lord, by your prayers the demons have receded a little from me, but they still continue to breathe malice and threats.

On the fortieth day, according to the son-in-law of the senator, the demons completely disappeared from sight, threatening finally, that in any case, after death he would be in hell, and his soul will belong to them, because his receipt - they hold.

Then St. Basil the Great, as is told in his hagiography, called to all the clergy, monks, and parishioners of the cathedral, and told them of the young reprobate's misfortune and urged them to pray for him without leaving the temple.

The faithful prayed for the penitent all night, crying out "Lord, have mercy!" Suddenly from under the dome of the temple came an ominous voice that did not bode well:

- " Basil, you're insulting me. It wasn't me who came to him. He came to me. He renounced Christ. And his receipt is in my hands, which I will show to the universal Judge on the Day of Judgment.

Then St. Basil the Great asked all the faithful to raise their hands to the heavens, and, after praying harder, to cry out, "Lord have mercy!" And to keep their hands up until the receipt is returned.

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