The Frightful Story of a Priest Who Commemorated the Antichrist During the Holy Liturgy

Originally appeared at: Gregory Decapolite

Concerning Father Gabriel Proskurovsky it is written that for 10 years after the murder of the Tsar he still commemorated during the Great Entrance: "Our most pious, autocratic Great Sovereign, Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich and his wife, the Blessed Empress, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna" and so on until the very end - as it should be, in the old-fashioned way. And the people, you know, liked it very much. This holy commemoration of the Tsar-Martyr was a invisible ray of light, piercing through the satanic darkness which had engulfed the land.

And so it continued even after he received the decree from Metropolitan Sergius ordering prayers to be said for the Soviet regime. "Her joys are our joys, her sorrows are our sorrows" - this was written in the decree. Father Gabriel however thought hard concerning this and was ashamed. Then having prayed, he decided to continue to commemorate the Tsar in the Orthodox fashion.

Shortly after this, while serving a Sunday Liturgy, he came out with the Holy Gifts and began, as usual, "The most pious, autocratic Great Sovereign of ours". But then he looked and directly opposite him, there was a group of Soviet agents holding their revolvers! Father Gabriel grunted and continued: "Sov-nar-coma* and all the most blessed, most just Tsik**, the victorious red army and its People's Commissars and all members of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, may the Lord God remember in his kingdom". He commemorated thusly according to the decree of Metropolitan Sergius which demanded that the satanic rulers be commemorated in this fashion.

The time then came for him, as a priest, to commune. Having said the appointed prayers - he saw that the chalice was empty! By God's command the Body and Blood of Christ disappeared due to the blasphemous commemoration!

How he finished the Liturgy, he himself doesn't remember. They say that upon leaving the church, at once his long hair had become white. He then summoned the people and bowed before their feet saying: “Forgive me, good people, in my sin. I remembered Satan for the Holy Gifts. I am no longer your shepherd."

That same night he packed up and left the village forever. They say he took a vow of silence upon himself. "My tongue has sinned, henceforth let it cease". This is what happened!

* Council of People's Commissars

** All-Russian Central Executive Committee