Yoga Instructor Converts to Orthodox Christianity

Originally appeared at: Evangelismos Orthodox Church

Natalia Zafer gives a genuine and moving account of her journey from being a passionate Yoga instructor to turning to Jesus Christ and His Church, the Orthodox Church. Natalia explains the various aspects of Yoga, how she progressed from yoga basics, through to supernatural experiences and demonic influences on her mind, body, relationship and life.

Natalia takes us on a journey which demonstrates how innocent Yoga exercise rapidly progresses to spiritual commitment and the toll it took on her. From Australia to India, her experience is vast, heartfelt and jarring. Her journey takes a miraculous turn when she approaches Jesus Christ, the Son of God, through His own church, the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Church is the original ancient Christian church with unchanged doctrine and tradition dating back 2000 years. It has complete and comprehensive apostolic succession and is the world's only non-denominational church.

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