For Homosexuals, "Church is a Hug, Not a Court", says "Orthodox" Patriarch of Alexandria

Speaking about homosexuals, the "Orthodox" Patriarch Theodore said that "if they have chosen this path, the Church loves them all and waits for them all".

Originally appeared at: UOJ

Patriarch Theodore, Primate of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria, responding to a question from journalists about his attitude to the legalisation of same-sex marriage said, "The Church is a hug, not a court."

Patriarch Theodore, who was asked by journalists about gay marriage, said: "As a human being, I heard today the answer that Christ gave me in the Gospel: 'I came into the world to save every man, the sinner, the tax collector, the Pharisee, the harlot, the prostitute, the beggar'."

Patriarch Theodore. Photo: orthodoxianewsagency

"Therefore, my children, I do not want to criticize or give my opinion, but I want everyone to be happy, whatever path they choose," the Patriarch said.

Reflecting on the legalisation of same-sex marriage and gays’ right to adopt children, which is highly controversial in Greece, the head of the Church of Alexandria said: "Whatever you decide, please take care of the little children’s lives."

Speaking further about gays, the Patriarch continued: "If they have decided on this path, the Church loves them all and waits for them all. The Church is a hug, not a Court of First Instance, not a Court, it is love."

Earlier the UOJ wrote that the head of the Greek Archdiocese of America explained why he baptised gays’ children.

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