Capital Punishment for Homosexual Acts - Christian Reasons for Outlawing Illicit Sex

"It is crucial to understand that if we do not resist Sodom, then in a few years it will devour us, just as it did with Europe."

This article from our archives was first published on RI in January 2020

Can Orthodox Christian laity prevent people from promoting perversion? Certainly, not only ordinary laymen should be engaged in this, but also state authorities, whom God commands to do it.

This decree goes back to the Old Testament commandment:

“If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13)

The New Testament speaks similarly about those who commit homosexual acts. According to the apostle Paul, "those who practice such things are deserving of death". (Romans 1:32)


This commandment was observed by the greatest Christian rulers. For example, in the life of the holy emperor St. Justinian, who was considered to be an exemplary ruler, we read the following:

“Having discovered a number of homosexuals, conducting an investigation and identifying them, St. Justinian had some of them castrated with spears. And for others, he ordered that sharp sticks be shoved into their shameful orifices, forcing them to walk in a public procession through the agora. There were also many officials and senators, as well as many bishops, who had their property confiscated, and who were driven along the agora until they died a miserable death. The remaining people began to fear, and thus they became chaste."
— St. Symeon Metaphrastes Logothete, Chronicle, Justinian, 9

The greatest Russian religious writer, St. Maxim the Greek, wrote that Christians are obliged not only to disdain this “godless filth” but also to “anathematize” those who do it and to "burn them with fire".

These decrees do not contradict the Christian commandments of love and forgiveness. If we were to believe that homosexuals do not need to be punished, then it would also be necessary to advocate the abolition of punishments for other sins, such as murder, theft, etc.

From the point of view of secular humanism, there is an essential difference between sodomy and murder: The murderer sins against another person, while sodomy does not formally go against someone's will, since he is engaged in sodomy by mutual consent.

However, from a Christian point of view, his sin is even worse, since it defiles the image of God by which he was created. That is why St. John Chrysostom said:

“I affirm that these [homosexuals] are worse than murderers, since it is better to die than to live after such a shame. The murderer separates the soul from the body, while this one destroys the soul along with the body.”
— St. John Chrysostom, 4th homily on the book of Romans

As mentioned above, punishing sodomites and suppressing their activities is the direct responsibility of state power. But what if the government does not act? Thank God that we are forbidden to hold homosexual parades here in Russia. But unfortunately, there are many ways to get around this ban. For example, in past years the perverts organized a “flash mob” kissing day, where they started kissing at the State Duma building. On another occasion, they staged a picket with sodomite symbolism across from the Christ the Savior Cathedral, initially representing it as a picket for the rights of teachers.

Fortunately, not many people come to these events, because most of them are afraid of being caught by anti-sodomite activists who do not want to allow such events to take place on their land. If it were not for these people, rainbow flags would have been flying under our windows for a long time.

Unfortunately, the anti-sodomite activists are also very few in number. As a person who has been trying to resist sodomite propaganda in public for more than two years, I have observed that — despite widespread calls to people in the Church — usually no more than 20 people come to stop these activities, while the sodomites usually garner several times more people.

Sodomites are trying to present everything as if the police always side with those who are opposed to homosexuality, but in fact they almost always protect the sodomites. I was arrested twice for trying to disperse their actions. Once, during their falsely advertised mini-parade at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, we were not even allowed to approach them. I do not think this is due to activities by the homosexual lobby  in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Rather, it simply seems that the police are afraid to deviate from instructions even by a millimeter. If a particular picket has been sanctioned, then they feel they must protect it, even if sodomite propaganda turns out to be included at the last minute. 

The so-called “homophobia” of Orthodox Christians comes from Holy Orthodox Tradition, which comes from God Himself, who demands that his servants suppress such iniquities.

Fortunately, Orthodox Christians remain fairly conservative in regard to their beliefs about sodomites. But there are unfortunately some who believe we should not use force against them.

It is crucial to understand that if we do not resist Sodom, then in a few years it will devour us, just as it did with Europe. These people are just waiting for us to slow down, so that they may go even further. Each action is a test of our strength. We urge everyone to stand together, and to help us fight. Sodom will not prevail!

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