Orthodox Christian Grandma Gives Wake-Up Call to Protestant Street Preacher

In an already-Christian country, in view of multiple Orthodox churches, this guy starts preaching on the street, telling everyone that they need to meet God. An Orthodox Christian babushka confronts him, letting him know that she and Jesus have already gotten acquainted . . .

This article from our archives was first published on RI in April 2021

Over five hundred years before any Protestants existed, St. Vladimir of Kiev was overseeing the spread of the Christian Gospel through lands that are now part of modern day Russia and Ukraine. Since that time, countless millions of Christians have built tens of thousands of churches throughout these lands.

Centuries later, an American street preacher arrives in this country that has already had the Gospel for a thousand years, and he starts trying to preach a watered-down modern version of the Gospel. An Orthodox Christian babushka confronts him and sets him straight, informing him that she and Jesus are already well acquainted.

She says, "Look around you. You see those churches? We've been Christian forever. Jesus is here, everywhere in Ukraine. What do you, American, think you know that we don't?"

The video can also be viewed at its original location. The woman shows up at around 3:05 on the original video.

So if you are a street preacher, just consider this fair warning. Before you go to a country that has already had the Gospel for 1000 years, think twice before you start peddling a modernist version of the Gospel.

A babushka just might come to get you.

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