Orthodox Christianity Is 'Best Hope' Against Evil of Globalist Elites - Popular Podcaster Explains (Jay Dyer Video)

We posted this interview a few days ago when we noticed it because it featured a very intelligent conversation between the hosts and the guest, Jay Dyer, asking him to explain the basics of Orthodoxy for people who know little about Christianity but are starting to get interested. This is a good one to share with newbies if they are curious about Orthodoxy.

Well we listed to a bit more, and came across an interesting bit (starts at 45.20 mark) where the hosts were asking about the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and who, if anyone, represented any serious opposition or resistance to their agenda. Dyer explained that the only way he can understand the WEF phenomenon, which he is an expert on, and he gives a very good explanation of what is behind it in the preceding few minutes, is that it is a manifestation of demonic evil, that this goes beyond human scheming or logic. He argues that the opposite of that, and the only real antidote to it, is Christianity, particularly Orthodox Christianity, because he believes it is the correct understanding of Christianity, something he explains at the beginning of the interview.

After this the conversation moves on to Kanye West and whether he can really be a Christian considering the Satanic circles he moves in, whether elites really do drink adrenochrome (the blood of frightened children), and much else.

It is actually a very interesting interview.

Dyer is a prominent podcaster who talks a lot about Orthodoxy but is also an expert on Hollywood, films, conspiracy theories, theology, and much else. He hosts the 4th hour of Alex Jones' daily Infowars broadcast.

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