Orthodox Bishops Praying With the Pope: Serbia, Romania, Alexandria, Constantinople

Originally appeared at: Monomakhos

There's never a dull moment when it comes to Pope Francis and his never-ending antics.  

For those who may (or may not) know, his much anticipated “Synod on Synodality” commenced the other day. This is a horrendous turn of events as far as the Tradcats/Radtrads are concerned, and –all things being equal–it really should have no bearing on those of us in the Orthodox Church.

Or it shouldn’t. 

Unfortunately, the globalist heresy isn’t confined to Catholicism. As you can see, Patriarch Bartholomew as well as three other Orthodox bishops wanted to get in on the fun as well.  

Let me explain.  Patriarch Bartholomew decided to attend the opening ceremony and give an invocation.  So, too, did bishops from Alexandria, Romania, and Serbia.  https://orthochristian.com/156374.html

And that’s what’s worrisome.

If the Synod just wanted to undo the last one thousand years of hyper-papalism, it wouldn't be such a bad thing. Its stated goal is to recognize that the Christian Church for the first millennium was a conciliar Church and not a top-down autocracy. We’ve always believed that. The problem of course is that this gathering is not what this is really about; conciliarity is merely the window-dressing for what the modernists within the Catholic Church really want, which is female ordination and the blessing of homoerotic unions.   

On the other hand, we can look at who was not there:  neither Russia, Bulgaria, Antioch, Georgia, Jerusalem, et al, sent any of their bishops. Interestingly enough, no bishops from the two other Greek-speaking Churches (i.e. Greece and Cyprus) were there. (It’s as if they are drawing a line in the sand, “We went along with you in the Ukraine, but we won’t go along with you any further”.)  

Nor for that matter was any bishop from the fake Ukrainian sect created by Bartholomew. You’d think given Serhei Dumenko’s uniate/globalist sympathies, he’d have been welcomed there with open arms.  

As for the three bishops who did attend, I must assume that they are sympathetic to the globalist agenda themselves. It’s also possible that when it comes to their respective synods, they are outliers.  Perhaps they will be disciplined.

Or so I hope.

Anyway, the fallout from this Synod as far as the Catholic Church is concerned will be significant.  And it ain’t gonna be pretty. A blind man can see this. Do the four Orthodox bishops who attended the opening ceremony not see this? Or do they not care?   

It may be later than we think. It is possible that it is the globalists who have drawn their own line in the sand and they really don’t care what the consequences are

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