Orthodox Must Get Ready for What’s Coming - Have in Mind These 4 Steps

"While we can debate the nature of current trends, clearly evil is advancing and returning to the 'old normal' will not happen any time soon. Time to rethink where we are in light of things already in motion, and to put aside the comforting thought, 'It can’t happen here.' Most of 'it' already has. . ."

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Reflections

Having been aware of the effort for a one world government for well over forty years, it’s disconcerting—down right disturbing— to actually see the things predicted for decades starting to take shape. During the 1970’s one of the most respected Protestant missionaries at the time, Willard Cantalon, pioneered the use of film making for promoting world missions. He filmed missions in action and brought the footage to the donors. As a film producer with wide experience, it was probably inevitable for him to investigate what has now been dubbed “the New World Order.” His work introduced me to the men behind the curtain.

His book, “The Day the Dollar Dies,” still sits on my bookshelf, the spine disintegrated, most pages loose (Copyright 1973: the year I graduated from high school). In the denomination I was in, Cantalon often made the preaching circuit. The few times I heard him speak in person, I was very impressed with the quality of his character, the sincerity of his delivery, and his stories of world missions. He was truly a missionary at heart. But he always spoke on the subject of the world banking system and its final goal of world control on every level. Most of the intricacies of the world banking system blew past me, simple-minded as I am. But his overall warning was very clear. Using Economics, the primordial evil was seeking to overthrow everything of God on Earth. A day was coming when no one could buy or sell without the mark.

With Cantalon’s portends always in the back of my head, the growth of global organizations (EU, NAFTA, WTO, global charities / NGOs, United Nations etc) seemed to demonstrate the ongoing development of this one-world paradigm. Every step of the way, I could see these hidden powers increasing their control of individual nations using money as a means to enslave. The Greek debt crisis is just one example of how a nation in economic distress can be transformed politically. This is happening everywhere now in a post-lockdown world plunged into poverty and dependent on subsidies.

Cantalon was not alone in seeing the signs. During that generation, many preachers, authors, and even film makers took note and for a time, eschatology became a fad. Movies were made: A Thief in the NightA Distant Thunder, and others. These were very popular. The “Jesus Movement” was salted with warnings about the coming Anti-Christ. While this movement had many excesses, and probably even more than a few grifters, it molded my thinking about world events in relation to Scripture. In Bible College, I took a class titled, “Daniel and Revelation” exploring the “colossus” of world powers that in the end is destroyed by the “Stone cut without hands” that smashes the feet.

Not only was eschatology in film, it was also in Christian pop music. To this day, I cannot get the words of the song “I wish we’d all been ready” out of my head. While it does depict “rapture” as a theology—something never heard of in Orthodoxy—its core message was a warning to be ready to escape the wrath to come. Going back and hearing it now, in light of current events, my blood runs cold. Interestingly, this fad was not just in Christian pop, but in contemporary folk music. Even before the message hit the Christian pop scene, Barry McGuire— who later became a pop Christian artist— created the hit “Eve of Destruction” that totally rocked the music scene. So powerful was the identification of that generation, McGuire’s hit song dominated even the Beatles and all pop “greats” of that era. The song was everywhere, seemingly overnight. Everybody knew it was truth.

Perhaps all of that was a warning from God to my generation.  A warning of things that would not happen in our youth, but which we would live to see as elders. It was common belief then that the “rapture” would save us all. While this has now proven misinformation, the remaining warnings of impending cataclysmic upheaval are more relevant now than ever before. The globalists I had heard about for decades, now have the tools to force the whole world into a global lockdown; a global concentration camp, a global Auschwitz. Now, we are on the “Eve of Destruction.”  It’s already happening in Australian, Canada and other parts of the world.

Can we step back from the cliff? Or will we plunge headlong into anti-Christ? That may be for the collective “us” to decide.   

Historical Perspective

For the Germans, Hitler was an “anti-Christ.” For the Russians, Stalin was their “anti-Christ.” For the Chinese, Mao was the total embodiment of “anti-Christ”. For their respective populations, each of these men was everything – every horror, every evil – ever predicted of “The” Anti-Christ. Those peoples, under such despotic leadership, experienced their own “Great Tribulations” with war, death, famine, and the leveling of cities on a scale America has never experienced. For the Germans, for the Russians, for the Chinese, they have already tasted the fruit of anti-Christ in its fullest measure.

But let us consider: each of those cases of an anti-Christ tyrant trying for world dominion (like Lucifer—“I will ascend”) ended in failure. “An” anti-Christ never succeeded in becoming “THE” Anti-Christ. Much credit goes to the United States of America for stopping the expansion of such evil men and their bloody philosophies (Fascism and Communism). But, will our current America continue to be a check on global tyranny, or will we now have our turn as the home of an anti-Christ, perhaps even facilitating the rise of “THE” Anti-Christ?

While we cannot say for certain that “THE” Anti-Christ is here, we can safely say all the elements are here to facilitate his rise. Big Tech, Big Pharma, and our own government combine to make total control of our lives a real possibility for the first time in history. If you deny this, you are living in an alternate reality.

The question is not whether these forces are trying to control us, but rather will we let them they actually pull it off?  

Knowns and Unknowns

Sorting the “signs of the times,” we have knowns and unknowns. What do we know?

  1. The pandemic with its vaccine has created a tool for world domination, whether you believe in its efficacy or not; the “pandemic” is global, and the “vaccine” is global, and with its implementation comes control. It is especially dangerous that the vaccine is spoken of in religious terms by government officials.
  2. Your government cannot be trusted: as more and more vaccines are forced, it demonstrates a pronounced malevolence on the part of government. Now that the vaccine has a track record, it is far worse than any previous vaccine in collateral damage.
  3. Some Orthodox bishops cannot be trusted: whether due to incompetence, or being in the tank with the globalists, we cannot say as each bishop is different. Clearly, however, there are far too many harmful edicts inconsistent with what it means to be Orthodox for only ecclesiastical ignorance to be at work.
  4. Modern medicine cannot be trusted: The long standing faith that your doctor can be trusted is now fantasy. There has been a change. Doctors are saying things, prescribing things, which in the past they never would have. The reason: they are being strong-armed into following protocols never before imagined. The leverage: the fear of “losing their license”, without which they will no longer be doctors.
  5. Many American corporations show an unmistakable aversion for anything “American” in lieu of the Chinese and a one-world paradigm.
  6. Those exercising “emergency” authority (not due process) are unwilling to give up their new powers, the more they have the more they take.
  7. Evil is afoot, we are losing our freedoms, especially Christian freedoms.
  8. If evil is afoot, it is by God’s permission (not man’s) and God will make a plan for His people to escape for those who seek and find it.[4] If evil is afoot, then so is God as where sin abounds, much more does God’s Grace. It will not be automatic, but for those who seek and find the “Secret Place of the Most High.” Do not take refuge in your job, your finances or even wavering bishops. Unlike God, all that will let you down.

What are the things we don’t know?

  1. Whether or not, this is the final anti-Christ.
  2. Whether or not, the vaccine is the “Mark of the Beast.” It might be, it might not be. Of equal concern – are the vaccine passports paving the way for the Mark of the Beast? Few changes of such size and scope happen all at once.
  3. While we know evil things are coming, how it will affect each area of the country is unknown; it will differ from place to place. This means, we cannot assume what is happening with us is happening with all, even in Orthodox jurisdictions.

Brace for Impact

While we can debate the nature of current trends, clearly evil is advancing and returning to the “old normal” will not happen any time soon. Time to rethink where we are in light of things already in motion, and to put aside the comforting thought, “It can’t happen here.” Most of “it” already has. Consider: we already have experienced church lockdowns, members barred from attending services, and bishops associating with full-fledged apostates as if they were kin.

In the long view, we need to make some plans. Here are some suggestions:

  1. The preservation of children: orphanages will make a comeback. Some vaccinated parents (perhaps many) will succumb to early deaths. There will be many orphans. If we as Orthodox want to prepare for the future of the Faith, we must—absolutely must—make provisions for taking care of the children of deceased Orthodox parents. Several young priests have recently succumbed to something (vaccine side effects?) leaving their children fatherless. We must also resist the vaccination of children. The vaccine side effects are more dangerous to children than COVID. There is simply no medical reason for injecting mRNA into children, and much potential harm. As a community, we must redouble our efforts to protect and teach the next generation the authentic beliefs and practices of the Orthodox Faith, no matter how much the world tries to deform both.
  2. As some Orthodox bishops are more for channeling the state over channeling the fathers, additional jurisdictions need to be established or consolidation of faithful parishes under the care of remaining faithful hierarchs who will stay true to Orthodoxy. ASAP. As more and more vaccines will be mandated, it could become increasingly difficult to find Orthodox worship without such restrictions. Right now corporations of 100+ are forcing vaccines. There will be a population shift as Orthodox employees relocate to find work without mandates. As this happens, old ethnic and historical ties will be broken. Orthodox refugees will focus on finding authentic Orthodox worship and faith in their new homes. Parishes, dioceses, and jurisdictions offering nothing more than the world will shrink and, perhaps, even die.
  3. Should we stocking up food? Maybe. At this moment, some supply chains are so stretched as to cause shortages. To what extent future events will impact the overall food supply is an unknown. As those who live in flood or hurricane-prone areas know, having back up supplies is never a bad thing. Food supplies are the ultimate insurance policy, and there are many options. But just as you can’t buy car insurance after your car is wrecked, so you won’t be able to buy emergency food supplies when you actually need them. Like Joseph in Egypt, you must lay up provisions for the famine in advance. It is also good to remember that a parish garden can be an invaluable resource.
  4. CREATE SACRED SPACE (this is huge): As Orthodox, we have every tool afforded by God to mankind to ward off the influx of evil. When the plagues of judgment hit Egypt, the Hebrew home was marked as sacred space with the covenant Blood of the Lamb, keeping evil at bay and saving the firstborn. When plague hit Israel due to David’s sin of numbering the people, the plague was stopped precisely at the “threshing floor” (place of sifting) when David and the elders fell on their faces. Consider the Holy Protection of the Theotokos. EVERYTHING about Orthodoxy is making space sacred to protect it from evil – the heart, the home, the temple, even the entire city via processions and public blessings. I personally take Holy Water to the “high place” of our city and pray over the city to make it sacred space. If you want to save your city, do processions, or at the very least, anoint it as holy ground with Holy Oil and Holy Water. This spiritual warfare is the birthright of every Orthodox Christian.
  5. Bottom line: In the world of forced vaccinations, pandemics, and economic upheaval, this is, for the Orthodox Christians, our finest hour. We were made for times like these; we were made so the very gates of Hell cannot conquer us. All we have to do is be true to the Faith, build a future generation of Orthodox and, guess what? We win!! When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s not good, it’s still good (Glory to God for all things) 

Build the Future, Now

If we do not start consciously building a future in this troubled world, then the Orthodox won’t have one. Start now.

It is time now to wake up, smell the incense, see non-canonical bishops for what they are (traitors of Christ) and start building the future of the Orthodox by doing these things: 1. Create new jurisdictions / consolidate into faithful ones, 2. Make room for the next generation, prepare them to be the new gatekeepers of the Faith. 3. Create sacred space, not just in our temples, but in our homes, hearts, and cities.

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