WATCH: RFK Says Covid Tyrants Have Nullified our Constitution (Tucker Carlson)

"Why do people have this religious fervor when it comes to vaccine? Why can't I sit down with my friends, my liberal friends, and have a fact-based conversation? Why do I have to be silenced?"

Originally appeared at: LewRockwell

Kennedy Jr. said this is the first time he has been on a major network (Fox News) in 15 years, because he has been blacklisted from them. Now, its behind a paywall, so in a sense, its not really a major network, but still, that is a good sign. His main argument was that basically Americans have ceded all of their constitutional amendments except for the 2nd one, mostly this happened during the covid crisis, and that they have to get them back, or else the country is lost. For him it is a classic case of the rich and powerful getting too rich and powerful, and just usurping the rights and the wealth of the people. Furthermore, he says it is a conspiracy, something that 'elites' have been planning for 20 years.


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