Is the Washington Elite About to Invade the Russian Federation?

"Tension is increasing. We pray for peace."

Originally appeared at: Orthodox England

The present Western hysteria about the Ukraine and imminent ‘Russian invasion’ (sic) began in October 2021. Almost every day we have been told that it may happen any day and any hour. This situation resembles that of Protestant sects, who repeatedly announce the date of the Second Coming of Christ, which so far has not happened.

In reality, what is of concern is a possible America invasion of the Russian Federation through the Ukraine. US NATO puppet-countries are sending troops and weapons to Eastern Europe. For the last week roads around the US missile base in Romania have been clogged with NATO tanks and vehicles. Similarly, in Bulgaria and Lithuania. US airbases in Western Europe have taken in new fighter planes from the US and have been gearing up for attacks in Eastern Europe, instead of the Middle East. Their flights over our heads in England are clearly visible and audible every day.

NATO countries are sending ships and planes to Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain have promised to send troops and, according to the New York Times, the USA is proposing to send 50,000 troops. Meanwhile the USA, the UK and Australia are evacuating staff from their embassies in Kiev. Are diplomats leaving the sinking ship before their countries invade? Meanwhile the US puppet-President Zelensky has called on his forces to attack.

Russia has continually been invaded by Western countries, notably in more recent history in 1812, 1854, 1914 and 1941. Western aggression there is notorious. In 1812 and 1945, the invasions ended with Russian liberations of Paris, Vienna and Berlin, respectively. The dismantling of Soviet Eastern Europe and then its occupation by the US military means that the buffer zone set up to protect Russia after 1945 has gone. We wonder what the US reaction would be if Russian missiles were being positioned on the US-Mexican border, as the US is positioning its missiles on the Russian-Ukrainian border?

Meanwhile, Russian Orthodox circles in London have for nearly a year been rife with rumours about a spy in their midst who is trying to destroy Russian Orthodox Church unity. Sadly, representatives of two Local Orthodox Churches have also repeated Washington’s political slanders against the Moscow Patriarchate. Tension is increasing. We pray for peace.